The best make up for your skin

Women don’t dress up to impress anyone, just like men have the peer pressure to do earn well,  women are also under the peer pressure to look good. 

Ever Since we are born the young girls are taught that only if you are good looking and fit into the below standards, you will be accepted in the society. As per the standard Good Looks Rule, you have to be:

Fair, (Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif how are they so fair, which cream do they apply? Run to the parlor now)

Slim, (No extra Fat even post delivery, the world did not even spare Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,if Shilpa Shetty can be slim why can’t others be)

Highlighted Features, (Make up high lights your cheek bones like Malaika Arora Khan, or apply thick kajal to highlight your eyes)

Should behave lady like, (Even despite all this stand like a statue in social functions, be respectable, if alcohol is being served you can’t have a sip) 

No one thinks this is an issue that we need to talk about and that’s why today we have children as young as 12 and 13 who visit parlors to take beauty treatment. There is no harm to look good and to take care of yourself but the increasing amount of peer pressure to look good and fit into the standard set by the cosmetic companies is damaging the skin and health of our children. 

Apart from that we are discouraging our daughters from facing the real world. The kids end up spending a huge amount of time, money and energy behind these cosmetic products and parlours than doing something more concrete, which will help them in future. It is a wrong perception that we are teaching our daughters that they will not survive in life (aka get married) if they do not have the perfect looks and accessories.

Every woman is beautiful, if she is confident about herself. Learn to love your self and accept your self, only then will the society be willing to accept you as you are. You do not have to please anyone. Being dark skinned does not restrain you from becoming an actress, gaining weight post delivery is normal, you may get a few compliments for loosing post partum weight quickly using right or wrong methods but in the long term it  may also harm  your health. We do not realise a lot of time that the stress to look presentable  and outstanding takes a toll on our skin and health.

For Example: Just because you want to impress people you end up spending your entire salary on a dress and make up to wear for 3 hours in a wedding. We ourselves are insulting our hardwork when we do so. Did we work to earn only so that others may be impressed. Rather why not keep the money as your savings ? A lot of times well earning women end up being broke at the end of the month because they spend more on their clothes and make up because of the pressure that they are under to look good. 

If the society can accept a man even despite his imperfections why cant they accept women in the same way ?

The best make up a woman can wear is confidence and independence. You do not need to hide behind multiple layers of fake cosmetics. Just be yourself and that will be enough.

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