Ever since I remember I always loved nail colour. My favourite pastime is watching nail grooming videos.

Even though I am the person who despite 33 years on planet Earth can draw a straight eyeliner. I had always been obsessed with my nails. So why a seperate post for a nail colour ? Have I really run out of content or lost my mind during lockdown. Nothing like it.

During my college days I would regularly apply nail polish, whenever I could. Unlike today, then we were not obsessed or rather aware about different brands of nail polish. The Mumbai local train was our biggest shopping hub. Whatever came inside that big green basket was heaven. Silver and grey was something quiet an obsession during my junior college days and degree college days.

Nail art was not something that we knew then but by the time nail art became famous, I became too old for it. Touchwood I had naturally well shaped nails so it looked good, when I grew them. My brother often called me Tiger Nails and even used to try and cut them when I was sleeping. Long well shaped nails were my identity. During my college days I would regularly have a manicure pedicure done once in a while.

When I started practicing, there was barely any time to colour my precious nails. Yes, once again I have painted them standing in the crowded 8.20 am Vasai Local. Where one can barely stand, I have coloured them with the help of my friends. Time passed and then painting turned into collection of nail colours.

I stopped application of nail colour during and post pregnancy of both my children for sometime.

Yesterday, somehow I managed to find sometime to colour them once again.

You know the speciality with nail colours. Whenever you want to attend a function and you colour them. Your hair will always manage to get stuck in your wet nail colour. But yesterday when I had nothing to do. I got the perfect texture of nail colour.

Glad to see my own nails once again in their favourite colour before going back to haldi stained nails. Those fresh green nails bought back a wave of beautiful nostalgia atleast for a few minutes.

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