Maya – A Short Story On Selfies And Self Identity

It was Saturday night and for some good reason, Maya’s 2 year old toddler Siddharth was slept at 9 pm. Her husband Vishal had gone out for a party with his friends and wasn’t expected until midnight. It was one of those rare moments that any wife would want, a complete peaceful time just for herself. Maya immediately pulled out her manicure kit and starting doing her nails, while simultaneously looking out for some movies to watch.

Half way into the movie Maya was done with her nails and now she was just doing some random things with her phone. Maya logged into her FaceBook profile, this time peacefully analysing her profile picture and timelines. Suddenly, one thing struck her. Since almost last one year her profile pictures were always either with her husband or with their son. Just smiling Maya felt that for a change may be she could upload her own single picture, after all she was married now for about 5 years and it really did not matter whether she posed with her husband and son.

Maya was browsing through the photo gallery of her mobile phone searching for her single pictures. Maya was surprised to find that she could not find one single picture of hers in her photo gallery. This may look weird but that was a moment of realization for Maya. She had immersed herself so much in her family that she forgot to take time out for herself. The once selfie queen now did not have any sole pictures of herself.

After all she had freshly done her nails in her favourite shade of Red. Snap Snap, went the camera clicking Maya in her cutest pout and showing off her nails. Well as soon as she uploaded this picture within a couple of hours she got some 100 likes on her photo.

Taking too many selfies may reflect a person’s personality, but not taking selfies may also reflect loss of self appreciation. IT is true we may all have Maya hidden a little bit in our personalities. Sometimes, we are so occupied and busy in living for others that we forget that we need to take a moment for ourselves.

Well, there is nothing wrong in living in the shadow of your family but sometimes, it is ok to come our of their shadow and shine like a bright star.

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