I have the perfect body – read more to know how I achieved it

If we have to zero down on one attitude that we all have in general, that would be to be judgmental. Being Judgmental and prejudiced about certain aspects in our lives is our favourite hobby. One such prejudice that we all have in our minds is that of a perfect body. From Kareena Kapoor to Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai to Deepika Padukone, everyone has an awesome body, so why is it that I look like a bean bag.

Bollywood has definitely inspired and raised the standards of perfect body. Malaika Arora Khan and Shilpa Shetty are literally the idols of every woman. Definittely they sweat hours at the gym and have strict diets and are basically in a profession which demands them to look good. They have all the time and money to look after themselves but what about common women like us, who live first for their parents, then husbands, then children, then grandchildren and then great grand children and the society. Where is the time that we live for ourselves, where we can concentrate on our bodies and ourselves, no where right ? So that doesn’t mean that we live for ourselves.

Before we begin with the perfect body, let us define on what exactly is the perfect body as per the Indian Standard from the age group of 15 to 55. (I don’t know if they have any ISO marking for your body).

  1. Any girl more than 5’4 is too tall.
  2. Any girl with a figure more than 34,28,34 is Fat.
  3. Your Arms cannot be fat
  4. You should be able to fit into XXS.
  5. Basically all those things that make you depressed when you go shopping to certain stores because the sales people look like they spotted a UFO when you ask for a dress in XXL size

Please ignore the above part because these are the standards set up by the society and you are born beautiful.

The best way to get a perfect body is to follow these simple steps.

Love yourself and accept your body type

I am not saying it is impossible to get your pre baby body but don’t set up unrealistic expectation. Please note our bodies are built in a different manner. A petitie woman cannot become voluptous over night.

Set Realistic Goals:

Many media articles will tell you how a particular actress lost a few kgs just after her baby, but it is ok if you don’t be size zero again. Loose a kg in three months but do it forever.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Please understand that every woman is different, so are our metabolism rates are different. It is not necessary that the workout and diet, which suited one person will suit another.

Looks are not everything

Well we all have those few people in our lives who always depress us by making statements like “look you have put on so much of weight”, you looked soo beautiful before marriage. Just dump these people who make you make feel horrible. Guilt and Self Realisation also play an important role in your weight management.

Stay Happy

Find happiness in small things. Spend 5 minutes in a day exclusively to appreciate yourself. Remember these days a lot of women are facing a lot of physical ailments at the age of 35, while people easily blame it on your weight they forget to mention the most important reason, which is mental stress. Take a few minutes out to unwind or de stress yourself.

As geet says “Main Apni Favorite Hoon.”

P.S. I am 5’7 tall and almost close to centuary.

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