Chocolates – 3 Ingredients – 3 Easy Steps

Chocolate is something that makes any one happy. Age/place or time are never a limitation to consume chocolates. Well sometimes we all do have that mid night craving to have meetha but alas all shops are closed, or sometimes your just too lazy to change your PJ’s and walk downstairs to get that chocolate. There is one simple solution to all your problems. You can also make this chocolate with your kids. Don’t worry, you don”t have to be a master chef to try this, even if you don’t know how to make maggie or tea you will definitely succeed in this.

Make chocolates for your kids at home.

While some of you may prefer to use a microwave, I prefer to do it using a gas stove and control temperature manually.



Morde Dark Chocolate Compound

Morde Milk Compound

Chocolate mould or ice trays

Dry Fruits (optional)

Gems Chocolate (optional)


Step 1

Apply butter all over the vessel and keep it on low flame. Butter should be added only on the sides and at the bottom so that the chocolate does not stick to the vessel around.

Step 2

Break down all the bars of the dark compound and the milk compound into pieces and put them in the heated vessels one by one.


Keep stirring while doing this. The trick to get a smooth consistency in chocolate is to keep stirring continously. Keep the vessel off the flame for a few seconds after a couple of minutes on the stove. Once the complete chocolate is melted and turns dark brown it is ready. The more you stir the more tastier your chocolate will become.

Step 3

Apply butter inside the mould or ice tray and spread the chocolate. You may add dry fruits or gems chocolate to decorate the same. Keep it in your fridge or freezer for 10 mins. The maximum time you keep the better.

Try this and let me know how was your chocolate.

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