We All Have A Foodie Friend. …

Hello Mommies..We all have that one friend who eats like an Elephant and still manages to look like Deepika Padukone. Thats right blame it on the metabolism rates of their bodies which makes us jealous, as we gain weight even at the sight of food. Here are few hilarious incidents of what happens when we meet a Foodie Friend.

Who would be your Ideal Boy for Marriage?

Me: The one who looks like Ranbir Kapoor, Loyal and Romantic like SRK, Dances like Hritik Roshan, rich like Ambani.

Foodie Friend: He knows how to cook, North Indian food, South Indian Food, Desi Chinese, Desserts, Lebanese, Italian, Junk Food, basically everything edibile/


Me: Let’s go for shopping at Soch at Inorbit Mall. Their latest collection has arrived.

Foodie Friend: Oh No !! Not Inorbit Mall. They do not have much variety at the Food Court there. Let us go to Infinity Mall, they have much better Food Court and ya they also have Ethnicity there for your shopping.

Me and Foodie friend planned to go to Gateway of India. I reached a little late and asked her for directions. This is how she guided me.

Me: Hi Foodie, I don’t know the way to come down to Gate way of India from Churchgate Station, can you please guide me?

Foodie Friend:- Ok. Get down towards your right hand side you will find Burger Kind. You know earlier they had Sarovar Restaurant there, the food there was a delight. But you don’t have to go there. You have to exit from your left hand side, where you can see all the Railway stalls, they have amazing snacks. Once you exit from teh station and keep walking straight towards the East, you can find many Sugarcane Juice Stalls. They were very reasonable you know..

Me: Ok. How much time will I take.

Foodie Friend: From the Sugarcane Juice Fellow, you need to walk straight to the Vada Pav stall at Fountain.

Me: Ok, just give me a few landmarks and I will be there on my own.

Foodie Friend:- Sugarcane Juice, Vada Pav opp. Flora Fountain, Khyber Restaurant Good Chicken, Sarovar Restaurant – aloo Paratha, Moche’s Fondue, Yatch Club Chicken and Parsi Food, Gateway of India, simple.

Me: Finall decides to board a cab.

Going for a Movie

Me: I hope we reach before the movie starts

Foodie Friend: Ya or else how and when will I buy my snacks for the movie.

And the banter goes on and on

For some of us Food is a necessity. But for some it is an emotion. They relate anything and everything to food and think of food 24*7. No offence meant to anyone.

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