Makeover Mania

Anvesha was highly inspired by bollywood. She rose up to MTV, had Filmfare for Breakfast, Cosmopolitan for Lunch and Vogue for Dinner. She Blindly followed the trend and felt that not having the latest accessory or dress meant end of the world for her. Yes she was a high maintainence girl and she was beautiful. Siddharth loved her for it, he loved when she went crazy at the Mall because the sales girl did not understand what Orchid pink meant, he found her crazy when she hunted for the perfect Satchel to go with her dress, he found it cute when he fed her pani puri because while eating with hands she would spoil her maincure.

But then one fine day Siddharth just walked away with no explanations at all. Anvesha was shattered, she almost lost the desire to live. The once well dressed and well polished girl now looked lost. Her friends and family started getting worried about her. They were finding several ways to bring her out of it. One of her crazy friends suggested a Make Over a new look would help her deal with a break up. Again they went on reading various lifestyle magazines and several trips to the malls were made. Ever Jimmy Choo could not bring smile on Anvesha’s face.

It is during this time that she met her old professor who came to know about Anvesha’s break up by just looking at her. Her friends told their professor about this great plan of make over to help Anvesha with her break up. Professor Nandini suggested Anvesha and her friends stay with her over the weekend for Anvesha’s make over. When the girls arrived at Professor Nandini’s house armed with their stack of beauty products and dresses and magazines, they were surprised to see that Nandini wasnt impressed by their efforts at all.

A makeover does not necessarily mean that you have to buy new clothes or shoes. A makeover means that you need to clear out the bad cloud of negativity around you. It is more important to dispose of all the unwanted things or people. She suggested the girls to follow a simple 5 step theory which would help them get a real makeover.

Soon, the moment Anvesha reached home, she first cleaned her room, threw away those unwanted shoes, clothes, make up, magazines, accessories, lingerie everything she felt she did not need. This exercise itself brought a tiny smile on her face. Her next step was to literally delate all those people who were not required any more. Delete from Facebook, Whatsapp, Phone Records, avoid negative people from all the possible ways. This exercise made her feel calm and little bit more positive.

Subsequently, Professor Nandini asked her to complete all her pending work. Anvesha completed a few pending bank work that had been pending since long, she completed her college assignments, completed her Pet’s vaccination, gave a visit to her cousin’s house, which was long pending. Just by taking these initiations Anvesha got a huge satisfaction.

As you see one cannot achieve mental peace without having a good body. Anvesha started going for a walk at a nearby park. Post her walk , she would sit and chat for a few minutes with the children playing there and sometimes she would also participate in their games with them. This walk had definitely bought out the hidden beauty in Anvesha.

Her next step was to do that one task that she always wanted to do but could never complete it because of some or the other excuse. Anvesha always wanted to learn cooking and baking. Everyone knew about a girl Anvesha who wouldn’t eat with her hands because it would spoil her nails, but no body knew about the secret desire of this little girl. She slowly started cooking, yes initially, there were a few mishaps in the house like on a day, when she over heated the food and her dad came running with a fire extinguisher seeing the smoke and also on the other day when her some wierd combination in the overn caused a short circuit in the hosue and left everyone in the dark for about 3 hours. But despire these challenges Anvesha now felt confident. Her new Facebook page and You Tube Channel were all about the delicacies cooked by her. This step of chasing her long lost dream had given her a new confidence. ‘

The final step of this make over was to love herself to the most, to give 10 minutes in a day just for herself, to be proud of her achievements, to set tasks for her upcoming day.

A few months down the line, Anvesha met Siddharth at an Exhibition where she had set up a small stall for Exhibiting her Delicacies. She was glowing, looked happy and peaceful, more confident wearing the same dress, she had worn, when they had met the first time.

A makeover does not necessarily mean getting new clothes, it sometimes means just discovering the hidden you.

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