Lakshmi Viswanathan – Work Smart

Let us meet our 11th Supporter for the Work Smart Campaign.

Lakshmi.Viswanathan, 38, is an Artist from Mumbai.

What is your official office hours?

My hobby and passion is painting which I have converted into my profession, so I take up commission work for painting ie customise order as per requirement which includes portraits, sceneries etc..My working hours depend upon the orders I get for painting and their timelines.

How many hours do you spend at Work?

The hours spent at work ranges anywhere between 5-6 hours. I have experienced 12 -14 hrs in office including my travel hours when I was working

When did you first hear about Periods and from whom?

I first heard about periods from my friends in school and also from executives who had come for imparting knowledge about sex education.

What do you know about PCOD?

PCOD is hormonal imbalance caused by stress and improper lifestyle which creates problems like irregular periods, infertility, mood swings, heavy menstrual flow which in turn affects the day to day activities.

Is PCOD treatable ?

No, PCOD is not completely treatable, but we can bring a lot of changes in our lifestyle and reduce the impact of it. First thing visit a gynaecologist and do a complete check up and start up with the medications without delaying any further. Pursuing a hobby that can destress, take a sabbatical from work, if possible.  Eating good and working out daily for atleast 15-20 mins (which includes meditation, yoga, stretching exercises or a brisk walk)

Are women with PCOD unable to conceive ?

No, women with PCOD can be treated with proper medications and fertility treatments.

What is your idea of Work Smart ?

For me Smart work begins with proper planning. Proper planning and execution of the same makes life easier and comfortable. Make a timetable or schedule for atleast a week in advance and ensure you follow it diligently, keep multi-tasking.

There is a famous saying, Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Start your day early and for that ensure you are not awake very late at night, finish the household chores and children activities along with your exercise regime.

Try involving family members, take help from maids wherever possible for things that can be delegated. Though I am not a working professional currently, I attend art classes thrice a week to add to my knowledge and skills, learn guitar once a week, take orders for paintings, make variety of delicacies for my family and manage my 7-year-old kid. I too go through a lot of stress but at the end of the day I believe in “Don’t compromise your needs for anything as nothing is more important than your well-being”.

I am interviewing a few people, to check how much awareness, they have about PCOD.I am interviewing a few people, to check

Through this campaign, I am not asking that women working in corporates need to be sent home early. I am simply saying that men and women, working in Corporates, need to be sent home early without completing their jobs. I am just saying that men and women need to work more effeciently, so that we are able to wind up our day earlier. Technically speaking, it is of no use, women reaching home early and men reaching home late, because the kitchen closes only when the last person has their meal at home.

It may seem a simple but illogical change at present, but together if we can bring this change, which is quiet possible in our society. It will bring a huge change in all of our lives.

If you would like to participate in this campaign, Please do email me or contact me on Facebook.

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