Chaar Log Kya Kahenge !!!!!!

We as a society always have our prejudices and opinions about everything things be it someone’s life, their career choice, their hairstyle or something as simple as a person’s physical appearance. How much ever perfect you are people will leave no stone un turned to remove your faults. This blog is about how we see different physical appearance and feel it is important to comment on every aspect. It is what chaar log would comment on you.

If you are Fat

a. Have you heard about Dieting?a. if you are Fat (Boy/girl)

b. Do you even know the way to the gym

c. Do you do any thing apart from eating and sleeping

d. Do you get clothes of your size?

If you are thin

a. You do not eat anything throughout the day?

b. You mother does not know how to cook good food?

c. Do you have some illness?

d. Do you eat healthy food?

e. You must be an unhealthy person?

If you are normal and well maintained

a. You must be very health conscious about your food.

b. What is the fun if you cannot even enjoy your food because you need to watch your waist?

c. You must be literally working out in the gym. How many hours do you workout ?

d. May be she’s looking for a boy to get married that’s why she’s maintaining herself ?

e. May be he wants to be like that hero with six pack abs, that is why he is working out?

If you are dark

a. You do not drink enough milk or apply milk or best bathe in milk. 

b. The ad  says the cream will make you fair in 8 days try this.

c. You should do facial regularly, it is your laziness that is reflecting on your skin.

d. Who willl marry a dark skin girl ?

If you are fair

a. She must be spending maximum of her salary on those expensive creams? Why does one need to spend so much on beauty products?

b. She must be seldom venturing out.

c. She does not have any stress or responsibility in life, that is why her skin is so glowing.

d. May be she just took that trip to a foreign country to get some skin treatment.

e. Ah !!, it is all makeup. I saw her without makeup the other day and got scared. 

If you are Tall

a. Are you a model?

b. Are you really this tall or is it your heels ? Let me check your sandals.

c. Your mother must not be using a stool at home.

d. Are you taller than a giraffe ?

e. Are you sure you would find a guy taller than you? Would you marry a guy shorter than you?

If you are short 

a. You should wear heels all the time. 

b. Don’t you get lost in the crowd?

c. Are you allowed in the theater to watch “A” rated  movies?

d. You should try protein shakes to increase your height. Bachpan mein complan nahi piya tha kya?

e. Are you allowed on the Children’s rides in Entertainment parks ?

If you are 25 and married

a. Why did you get married so soon?

b. Was it a college affair converted into marriage ?

c. Were you forced to get married ?

d. You never wanted a job or a career of your own?

e. Good for you, now have kids if possible a boy, then your life is settled forever.

If you are 30 and unmarried

a. Get married before you regret your decision.

b. Get married and settle down, career and all can happen later.

c. You want to stay single forever. What about children ?

d. You will be alone and lonely in your old age.

e. Money cannot satisfy and fulfill the requirement of a family

If you are 35 and do not have children

a. Your Biological clock is ticking.

b. You need to see a doctor and observe these fast.

c. May be you both are not spending enough time together.

d. Visit this temple, church, mosque, religious leaders, who will bless you.

e. All your friends have children, don’t you think you must have your own children.

Our society is somehow obsessed by what goes on in someone’s lives. We always want to know why somebody has taken certain decision, whether it is our business or not. Sadly, all our decisions are based on what these so called Chaar Log say. Unfortunately, they are omni present,whenever we need to take an important decision, but are never found when the implementation of the same happens and the result is a disaster. So ladies and gentlemen, just enjoy your lives and do not care about what these people say.

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