Treakking through the peak

Hello Mommies and Daddies,

With the lockdown any external activity seems to be a dream. I really hope that once again we are able to pursue our external activities with the same enthusiasm as we used to do previously. So let us discuss about one of the most lost activities of the monsoon. Treakking.

They say that if you want to select your spouse, then go on a trek with that person instead of a date to a coffee shop. The way a person behaves during the trek will give you a glimpse on how he or she will behave during your best and worst times.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of benefits of sending your children for treakking:

They learn to be independent at an early age

Once the children are out fro a trek they learn to all those things on their own, which even despite instructing them to do a million times at home, they may not. For example, they learn how to take care of their belongings. Serve their own food, respect food and reduce wastage, understand the ration use of food. It may take us ages to teach them these things but within 24 hours of a trek you learn these things.

Find new friends for life

A trek teaches you how to bond with new people and be helpful. It may also help the introvert children to be comfortable to meet new people and open up. If not anything they learn how to bond with mother nature and appreciate its beauty. Treak is a wonderway to give away reticence.

Having a me time

Just like adults, it is important that the children also have their share of me time. A simple star gazing session at night will definately help the children calm their nerves, which they can seldom do considering their fast paced lives in the city.

Team Work

The best way to teach children the importance of team work is through a Trek. Team work and sportsmanship are two essential factors for success in any field of work. Regularly sending children for a trek will help them develop good sportsmanship and make them a good team player.

Appreciating nature

If not any of the above things, the children will return back appreciating the smallest things in lives. From appreciating the beauty of a small butterfly to appreciating a unique caterpillar to a dry lead or may be different types of stones. Treaks teach us how to appreciate the things around us. This quality will then help us develop the quality of appreciating small qualities in every person.

There are many other benefits of taking your child for a treak. Once this lockdown is over, do ensure to take your child for a treak nearby.

We have been locking up our children indoors for too long, it is going to be difficult to make them accept nature once everything is back on track. Children may not be that fond of walking and playing around in the open but we cannot keep our children away from nature for long.

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