Nirav Manek – Work Smart

Moving on Let us meet our Fifth Participant for the Work Smart Campaign.

Nirav Manek, 33, is a Digital Marketing Professional from Mumbai.

What is your official office hours?

9 hours (5 days a week)

How many hours do you spend at Work?

50-60 hours per week.

When did you first hear about Periods and from whom?

In school or early days of college and off course from friends but I feel more clarity came with time.

What do you know about PCOD?

Not much but I think irregular menstrual cycle is one of the outcomes.

Is PCOD treatable ?


Are women with PCOD unable to conceive ?

Not sure

What is your idea of Work Smart ?

Good work life balance and for me life means a good personal Heath and spend time with the people u want to. It can be family, friends or anyone else.

The idea behind this campaign is not to ask the Corporates to give women, less stress job or to allow them to go home.

Seriously, women going home earlier than men, would really not bring a bigger change in their lifestyle, because the kitchen closes only when the last person goes to sleep.

The idea behind this campaign is to check, how much does our society and its members know about Menstruation and different complications that arise along with the same, such as PCOD.

The reason, why I am doing this campaign is to make people aware, how their lifestyle is affecting their health and also to get them talk about a taboo subject like Periods.

Why did I choose something like PCOD, well for the following reasons:

Why did I choose something like PCOD, well for the following reasons:

  1. Talking about menstruation or periods even today is a taboo in our society.
  2. We barely have any information available with us regarding PCOD or PCOS, which is today affecting a lot of women in our society.
  3. Unlike Diabetis and Blood Pressure, PCOD barely shows any symptoms externally, so we seldom know if anybody is suffering from the same.
  4. PCOD is caused due to hormonal fluctuation and also has a direct impact on the mental health of the person.
  5. Having suffered from PCOD for years, I feel it is important to talk about the same openly in our society.

Our lifestyle has effect on our health but humanly it is impossible for me alone to cover all the issues.

Men and Women co-exist in our society. It is next to impossible to determine who is superior and who is inferior. But one thing that we need to remember is , if we do not work together, without understanding each other, we cannot solve our own individual problems.

For the purpose of the same, I will be interviewing a few people online, who are a part of our society to share their view points and knowledge about Periods and PCOD. If you wish to be a part of this conversation, then please do email me at or send me a message on my facebook account .

Hereunder are a few people, who support this initiative.

Raaj Konar , Radha Ramnath, Gayatri Vamsi , Sandeep Radhakrishnan,

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