Sandeep Radhakrishnan – Work Smart

Let us meet the fourth personality, to be a part of the Work Smart Campaign.

Sandeep Radhakrishnan, 38, Human Resources Head from Mumbai.

What is your official office hours?

Official working hours is 8 hours. Plus travel time of 4 hours.

How many hours do you spend at Work?

Actually working at the desk 8 hours.

When did you first hear about Periods and from whom?

During School days in classroom. Later on from Wife.

What do you know about PCOD?

It causes Hormonal Fluctuation and makes a person very moody and hungry. It results in delayed periods sometimes by a couple of months.

Is PCOD treatable?

Yes, it can be treated using Insulin Tablets and birth control pills but it can cause immense weight gain. Sometimes 10 to 20 kg.

Are women with PCOD unable to conceive?

They need some treatment.

What is your idea of Work Smart?.

Sharpening Saw on regular intervals for cutting in tree.

I am interviewing a few people, to check how much awareness, they have about PCOD.

Through this campaign, I am not asking that women working in corporates need to be sent home early. I am simply saying that men and women, working in Corporates, need to be sent home early without completing their jobs. I am just saying that men and women need to work more effeciently, so that we are able to wind up our day earlier. Technically speaking, it is of no use, women reaching home early and men reaching home late, because the kitchen closes only when the last person has their meal at home.

It may seem a simple but illogical change at present, but together if we can bring this change, which is quiet possible in our society. It will bring a huge change in all of our lives.

If you would like to participate in this campaign, Please do email me or contact me on Facebook.

The copyright of this Article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Reproduction of the same, without permission will amount to Copyright Infringement. Appropriate Legal Action under the Indian Laws will be taken.

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