Throwback Thursday

Just checked the clock its 9.30 am. About 15 years ago this time meant something. Yes it would mean that the countdown for our freedom had begun. The last lecture would end at 10.15 am and then we would be finally free for the day. This is the story about two nut cases. One is myself , a just an average girl (more into books and John Abraham) and the Super Hot Babe of the College Shati (Swati). She was a hot babe to all those who didn’t know her and to those who knew her she was just another guy.

Swati is a really Hot Babe even today so you can imagine what she was about 10 years ago. Our first meeting was really strange. She had joined the college late by a couple of weeks and lectures for BMM had already started. She just came and sat besides me and I was like Hi and the lecture began. After a couple of mins two guys behind us (I dont want to name u guys here), started talking basically about Shati and were trying to get to talk to her. The murmuring irritated me to no extent, finally I got up and shouted at the guys during the lecture and also complained to the prof. Finally those guys got thrown out and from there began our journey of friendship..

We did every crazy possible things together. Our relationship was completely transparent. We would share our darkest secrets and also our wishes. She is an amazing cook, who would bring yummy aloo paranthas for tiffin, which I would eat the maz. I was like a nerd, and every other person wanted to be my project partner because that would automatically raise their internal marks. But there was one person, who fought with the class, to be my project partner, that was Swati. I still remember, during our final year how she had fought with a particular professor because she was not selected as my project partner. She literally cursed that guy and demanded that we select partners again by drawing chits. Unfortunately, even then the same pairs were made. Ash and Swati were seperated.

Talking about assignments, once we had to do an assignment on different types of magazines. We travelled all the way to Churchgate post College, browsing through the mid-day, sharing our gossip about celebs and classmates and relishing on the MM Ka Vada Pav. While browsing two different magazines at the roadside magazine stalls at Churchgate, she picked up one magazine and showed me because the cover had two really good looking guys on them. We were so lost in admiring them that we forgot to read the name of the magazine. Happy and excited, we flipped the pages only to find that it was a Gay Magazine. We were childish then and just silently kept the magazine and walked away. I still cannot control my laughter thinking about this incidence.

Throughout three years of our college life, she fell in love with every other guy and I was crazy about John Abraham.

One fine day, she just walked upto us and asked us, in her typical style, “kya tum log jaante ho Borivali ki hot babe kaun hai ?” The guys in our group got very excited and asked her kaun hai ? The look on their faces was a million bucks, when she said “Main apne area ki hot babe hoon”.

Our stories are never ending but all I want to tell you is I love you and still miss you babe. Even Though we are technically neighbours now, let us rock again and start making people crazy.

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