My Family – My Dad

Hello Everyone, this is Suraj a big boy of 21 months writing through my amma’s blog.

In my last blog I introduced you all to my Amma. Today I will introduce you all to my Dad.

Everyone says that I look like my dad. I don’t know but then I never met him when he was a child, my Amma had shown me some pictures of my Dad when he was small, but then that wasn’t dad. It was some other baby. My dad is very tall, even after standing on the bed I am not as tall as him. My dad goes to office everyday but sometimes I don’t meet him for a few days, because he comes home after I sleep and goes to office before I wake up. (I wake up at 10 am he doesn’t meet me just goes to office.)

On some days when my dad is at home we go out in car little far to a place where there is lots and lots of water, (beach). But my dad does not let me go to play in that water. He holds me very tight whenever I try to run near the water. My Dad always takes me in our Red Car and also lets me drive the car, (just that my legs dint reach the brake, I am not as tall as him na). Anyways, my Amma says that Dad and I behave the same way and also look very similiar. She says that we both sleep in a similar fashion at night and keep talking in our code language (snoring competition between me and daddy as my Amma claims, We do not snore, but how doe we explain her).

My Dad always brings chocolates for me, which we both sit and ear them together. Sometimes, my Dad eats more chocolates but he is big na, so he can ear more. My dad also taught me how to dance. We love clicking selfies together. We both also love the song Malhari. My dad works very hard for me. I love my Dad a lot. When I will eat a lot, then I will become bigger than him. I just don’t like it, when he gives importance to my Amma. I wonder why he does that and talks to her more than me. Do you know why ?

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