My Family – My Amma

This is a small piece on how my tiny tot would describe all his family members.So the first article of the series is My Amma. I had writtern this when Suraj was 21 months old. So this is something that I had found and now sharing once again with my readers.

Hello Everyone I am Suraj Sandeep. I am a big boy of 21 months now and I am going to introduce you all to my family members but first let me tell you about my amma.

I was my Amma’s Birthday gift from my Achan (Daddy). (I heard him telling amma that I am her birthday gift she had asked for last year..shhh…its a secret…only I know this so don’t tell anyone). I like to play with my Amma and my favourite games with her are throwing things here and there, running all around the house when I have to eat (she makes different colour food everyday) or change clothes (I hate diapers), sit on her lap and ask her to show me vroom vroom (Airplane take off) or Meow whenever she decides to work on her laptop. You know I do not like it when someone speaks to my amma, so whenever she is on phone I either scream loudly or just take her phone and throw it or talk in my language.

My Amma has a lot of fancy jewellery, she sometimes let me play with them and makes me wear them  also (I am a boy and not a girl, how many times do I tell her). My Amma also has lot of different different kinds of bottles (lotions, creams, nail polish, lens solution), which I take when she opens the cupboard and I taste everything. Mostly I like to go out with my amma but she always does not take me with her like when she goes to buy ingee (milk) for me. You know what my amma says she goes out for long to buy ingee because Hamba (cow) gives her special Ingee (milk) just for her.

My Amma love going to the garden with her and we both go to temple and do tang tang (to hit the bell there). I also have friends there who bring the small cats and we all play together, my amma also catches those kittens to me and we all play together. 

Ok. Its time to go to garden now. Bye see you all. And remember don’t talk much to my Amma  or else I will scream loudly, she can talk only to me and me.

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