I Wish I was a Man

Its just a piece of Fiction based on the feelings that we all go through daily.

Sometimes when we are frustrated we always compare our lives with those around us. The grass on the other side will always appear to be greener may be it is because it is an artificial grass

How I wish I was a man especially when I see all the men around may it be in my family, friends or co-workers at work.

I really envy my Husband when I see him having his peaceful beauty sleep when I have to still struggle to put my tiny tot to sleep, even despite both of us having equally stressful day.

I feel stressed when I have to complete my task in the minimum amount of time because more than office I have deadlines at home.  

I feel sad when I see a gang of gentlemen sitting in a restaurant and chilling because I miss the gala time I used to have with my girlfriends chilling. 

But then when, I see the flip side, I realise that I am so weak that I cant accept the responsibilities that have been given to me. I may not be able to get my beauty sleep, but the satisfaction that I get playing with my tiny tot is incomparable.

I may have to complete my tasks  at work in  lesser time but that also means I am much more  capable than my other co-workers.

Yes I do feel sad as I miss my old times and the old me…But hell ya.. the sacrifice is really worth this new life..the time spent as  family is a memory to be treasured for ever. 

Though sometimes when frustrated I wish I was a man but 


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