Why We Need To Accept The Prescence Of Drug Abuse In Our Society.

The controversy surrounding the tough fight between CBFC and the producers of the Film ‘Udta Punjab’ finally brought to the attention of a common man that something like drug abuse does exist in our Society. An Average Indian always felt that Drugs was something that would influence either those on the streets because they deal with it or those residing in the highest skyscraper because they can afford the drugs. One thing that we all forgot was the ones that are influenced by drugs are often those who are ignored by the Society or families.

For Instance these days there is a major rise in increase of Drugs outside Schools and Colleges. These drugs are usually sold not by scary looking peddlers but by someone who may resemble your favourite Chanawala. Today Children as young as 10 years are being introduced to various vices such as Smoking, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs. In the metro cities the site of seeing kids as young as 13-15 smoking while riding a bike under alcoholic influence is quiet frequent as compared to older times. So what exactly is the reason for the sudden increase of all these vices in our society.

Let us analyse the probable reasons one by one:

1. Early and uncontrolled exposure to Media

Problem: With easy exposure to Media it has become difficult to keep a watch on Children.  It is tough to check on them every now and then on which channel or which website they are browsing. It is even more tough to control the minds of the teenagers and tough to judge their interpretation of the content they see in the  Media. These days even children think and act like adults by immitating what they see on Television, rather than enjoying their childhood. Media in some manner has taken away our Children’s Childhood. The Children who are 24*7 behind the phone and Television screen don’t realise the importance or fun of playing with their friends, sharing their toys, playing imaginary games, skills of story telling and team work. Aren’t we responsible a bit for all this. 

Solution: Trust me. Blocking of Television Channels or Websites through the  wifi like it is done in offices will not help. Let us accept one more thing the next generation is 100 times more smarter than us. Infact, blocking of Channels will only increase their temptations to have access to all the taboos. One of the best solution is to spend time with children. Speak to them and right from their young age develop their interest in sports or Arts, if possible in sports because a good sportsman will always give first priority to his body and health. Encourage children to play in open, these days in cities a lot of buildings do not have play area due to the parking spaces, but atleast once a while we can all make some alternate arrangements so that our children can play and grow and not fall prey to these vices. 

2.Peer Pressure

Problem: During earlier times the mostly only one parent worked or even if both the parents worked, the children usually stayed with their grandparents or other family members. The joint family system in our society ensured that the children were always safe and cultured. These days because of the nuclear family arrangement children are suddenly find themselves alone and sometimes lonely. Children therefore  at many times get influenced by anyone who shows them little bit of love by either giving them some materialistic gifts or in some cases even by just talking to them lovingly. Thus many a times children blindly follow strangers and refuse to trust their own people. They start following their footsteps without understanding the impact of the same. A child at the age of 12 may start smoking so that he  is accepted  by the elder boys (who are cool and trendy as per the younger boy) who are about 18 and smoke.

Solution: This is a tough problem but every problem has its own solution. Accept your children as they are. Always be readily available for them so that they don’t trust the outsiders more than you. Take out one day in a week where the entire family does one activity together like may be something as simple as Sunday lunch cooked by all members of the family with the children contributing in the smallest way like even helping you in taking the ingredients required for cooking from the fridge. This will make them feel accepted as an adult and they will understand that one doesn’t have to smoke and drink to be an adult. If he is made to understand the flip side i.e. the hardwork the parents put for the child in raising him without actually lecturing him  about it, this will help in development of the child a lot. This exercise will make him realise that being an Adult means being responsible and not imitating others with smoking and drinking. 

3. Role of Corporates and Government

Problem: In most of the foreign Countries, there is fixed working time, which is a complete strange concept in India these days. In India, if the official office working hours are 9 to 5, employees are expected to come at 8 am and work till the work gets over, which may even be upto late nights on most of the days. True this kind of work also gives a big fat package to most employees but that also takes away a lot of things in return from the employees. In some countries, maternity leave is for 2 years and paternity leave is for about 9 months to 1 year. But in India Maternity leave means 3 to 6 months of leave which the employees have to selectively take.  Paternity leave  is still almost as good as an alien concept in India. Even if by mistake the Company grants an employee three days of paternity leave, he is expected to work from home or be available during such time for the company. The Companies and the Government in this case completely fail to take care of the child right from it birth. Psychology says children are close  to the people with whom they bond during the first six months and therefore forced absence in case of work loosens the bond between the child and the parents.  The results of this loose bonds are seen later during the teenage years. 

Solution: Collective effort by all employee, employers, Government and Corporate to ensure to curb the amount of working hours and encourage their employees to spend more time with their families. Have family day in the office so that children also understand how hard their parents work, just like parents children also need to know who are their friends.  

4. Enforcement Agencies. 

Problem: lack of legal provisions and lack of enforcement agencies in controlling the drugs supply in one of the major reasons for increase in drug abuse. Lack of information and most  of the times negligence by the Enforcement Agencies play a major role in easy supply of drugs all over the Country. 

Solution: Stringent and more stricter laws in the Country is the only way in which this problem can be dealt with. 

What would you do in case if you find your child or his friend is prey to Drugs…Will give details of the same soon.

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Image Source: Best Drug Rehabilitation


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