Bedtime Talk

I had written this story as a part of my creative writing assignment during my B.M.M. days. Its one of my favorite stories. The same is nothing but a piece of fiction. Hope you all enjoy reading it. 

“Oh Anvesha, will you just stand still for a minute. Grow up now. You should be married by now. Listen, the grooms cousin Siddharth is the most eligible bachelor Daddy and I plan to talk to his parents for you.” Exclaimed Anvesha’s mother. Suddenly Anvesha lost her life, in the game Anvesha was playing.

“Mom, I have everything and I don’t need a husband right now or ever.” Her parents as usual were upset at the  end result of this marriage conversation. Nevertheless they felt,now that they have already come for this marriage may be Anvesha would change her mind.Walking away in hurriedly replying to the pending emails Anvesha suddenly misses her step as her foot gets stuck in the heavily embellished lehenga. She almost got scared for her life for her fraction of a second and almost said her final prayers in her mind.

Suddenly, she realised something tightly gripping her arms and mumble.”Oh God!!! I never troubled anyone why am I being held so tight on my way to Heaven or Hell.” Watching her earrings kiss her long slender neck, a strand of hair delicately touching her face, holding her while helping her he felt that he was holding a Fragile Doll and wished to  protect her from the evil world from that very moment onwards. Watching her tightly shut eyes and mumbling made her looking the most beautiful girl for him. Time had literally stopped for him.

Finally, after a couple of minutes Anvesha decided to open her eyes and punch the Yamraj or whoever is going to take her away. The  moment she opened her eyes she found herself in the arms of a man whom she just couldn’t resist. “If the Yamraj is so handsome I dont mind dying a thousand deaths.” Thought Anvesha in her mind.Tragically for Anvesha this dreamy bubble had to burst because they were blocking the way. “Hi, thanks for holding me I thought I almost died.” Said Anvesha. “I did almost a thousand death.” he thought in his mind. “No.Problem. I hope you didnt hurt yourself. “”No. I didn’t.

“By the way I am Squadron Leader Siddharth Mehta.” Finally Siddharth Introduced himself. The name did ring a tiny bell in Anvesha’s mind. Oh God, is he the same guy mum was talking about to me few moments ago. I really wanna marry him but what does he think of me. How will he marry me now. Why  would any guy marry a girl who can’t even walk properly in her Lehenga. I lost  him.I really wanna die. Millions of thoughts were running in Anvesha’s mind and in all this process she forgot that Siddharth aka Sid was waiting for her to talk.

Siddharth loved watching her thoughtful expressions and felt that she looked like an Angel on Earth in peach coloured Lehenga. “Hi, I am Anvesha Malhotra, and I work as  a journalist with ABC Network.” “Oh Yes. I know you. I mean the whole nation knows you.” Said Siddharth trying his best to calm Anvesha. The two second meeting was about to change their lives for ever.  Through out the wedding they both stole glances at each other. Anvesha was impressed at how he took care of his elders and also gave her dad place to sit during Lunch.

Siddharth just wanted to talk to her more and more. Finally their parents de-coded all the non verbal communications and decided to help the two love birds take their relationship ahead. Formal meeting were held and it was decided that within one month they would be engaged and within next three months they would be married.

Their duty timings and long distance was a huge obstacle for their relationship but one habit that helped them maintain their healthy relationship was their Bed Time Talk. Every night before going to bed during their courtship time they both ensured that they spent one hour either by video call, phone call or messaging exclusively to with each other. Just as their date of Marriage was coming closer, so was their excitement to be together was also increasing.

From Baby names to their schooling to their college to their retirement plans,together Anvesha and Siddharth kind off lived their dream life together. Distance was no longer a concern for them. Just two weeks were remaining for their wedding. Their bed time talks continued and like most lovers they always waited for the  moon to rule.

 Finally their Wedding Day arrived. Anvesha looked every bit of Princess and Siddharth himself was no less than a Prince Charming. On the third day of their wedding they left for Maldives where they had planned their little honeymoon. They were waiting to board their flight to Maldives at the new Airport Terminal at Mumbai, when they suddenly heard a loud bang. Everyone presumed something from an Aircraft had blast but Siddharth’s perfect ears knew it was a Bomb Blast.

A few seconds later all that any one in the dark Airport could hear was loud Sirens by Fire Brigade and random gunshots within every few seconds. People were running here and there. Children were wailing and crying, mobile phones were unable to connect . Siddharth left Anvesha with a group of people he thought was safe and later on proceeded to find out what exactly was happening. Flashing his Air Force ID card he moved ahead to the Security and volunteered to fight the terrorist.

In the meanwhile, Anvesha along with her huge group were looking for ways on how they could come out of the Airport. As it was pitch dark it was next to impossible to move ahead or to find another exit from the Airport. Finally the group decided to form a rectangle with senior citizen , women and children in between and the others on the border. This group was led was Anvesha. On their way to finding their exit they stumbled  upon various people who were dead or injured. kids in the group started crying because their parents weren’t part of this group and he did not want to go without them with strangers.

It took lot of convincing from the other group members to convince him to come with them. Stumbling upon Debris and sometimes Dead Bodies and randomly opening any door praying they wouldn’t have a terrorist waiting for them, they were about to take their next step, when the group found themselves surrounded by 3 terrorist with Automatic guns. Everyone almost said their last prayers in their mind. But the few in the group decided that this was not their end. “Good Good, we have a group of hostages walking towards us. Let us use them to negotiate our demands. Looks like we are getting much more than what we wanted.” laughed the Terrorist. Saying this he just started firing  randomly at the group. Because of he dim lighting even the terrorist could not make out how  many people were dead because of their gun shots and how many were alive. Within a few seconds all one could see was the entire group of people which was walking like a brave group was all lying down motionless on the ground.

The small kid who refused to walk away with the group was still clutching his teddy bear, which was also a part of this journey, the newly married couple who were also going for their honeymoon were lying down motionless on the ground, the mother who had her tiny toddler in her arms, still had her in her arms. More Debris had formed at this site. The entire group which was active a few minutes ago was lying down peacefully on the ground as if they were in deep sleep. 

This site would have bought tears to anyone’s eyes but it only angered the head of the terrorist. He was furious on his junior for killing all the hostage and this led to a huge fight amongst themselves. Gun shots and the sound of Falling of Debris was enough to hint Siddharth and group of Security personnel who were by good luck nearby. Within a few seconds cross firing started and all three terrorist were badly injured and arrested by the security personnel.

The group that was led by Anvesha was lying on the ground pretending to be dead. Before the group began its journey towards their exit they had planned this. Though a few people were injured in the group but because of their smart and timely action majority of the group members were safe. For a person rises from the Ashes and flies like a phoenix. Siddharth immediately recognises the group. Almost everyone by now rose and was being provided with first aid, but where was Anvesha ? Why wasnt she been found. Has someone taken her as a hostage ? Has he mistook this group for Anvesha’s group. Millions of questions were running in Siddharth’s mind, when he saw her trying to get up but she was unable to. He suddenly found out something was wrong. Her foot was stuck under the debris and she also had been shot atleast a couple of times. This was the most terrifying sight Siddharth had ever seen in his lifetime. He immediately alerted the Security Personnel and tried his level best to take her out of there. Once they moved the debris, he took her in his arms and almost sprinted outside the Airport, praying that he shouldn’t loose her. Just 3 days ago he had got his life, now he couldn’t even think of loosing her. He took her outside and placed her in an ambulance, he informed their families and they all reached the hospital. She was badly injured and exhausted. Doctors said they could save her life but they had to ampute her right leg as it was badly damaged.

There she was lying on the white bed in white hospital dress, even now she looked like an Angel to Siddharth only thing was she was very weak. Doctors had told Siddharth because of shock she had slipped into Coma and they were unsure on when she would be out. In just a matter of few hours Siddharth’s world had shattered.

But he was determined to bring her back. He decided  to fight with every God with every condition in  the Universe to bring her back. Everyday he would be in the hospital besides her bed and have  their BedTime Talk. Even in this condition he did not miss their BedTime Talk. He would have their favourite BedTime talk every few hours either with Anvesha or with himself in his mind. It was this BedTime Talk that gave him strength to fight the circumstances and now that Siddharth was doing so much, how would it be possible that Anvesha wouldn’t respond. Finally after a month Anvesha  slowly woke up from her long slumber.

IT almost took 3 months for their lives to be normal. Anvesha shifted from Mumbai to Ambala where Siddharth was posted then. Today they are celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary with their parents and children. Anvesha still looks beautiful as she was 25 years ago. She may have lost her leg in the attack, but the prosthetic leg and strong love and support by Siddharth made her an even more strong person. Today she is a successful writer and author of best sellers.

True time heals all injuries. But more than time Love heals all injuries. If not for Siddharth’s Bedtime Talk may be Anvesha wouldn’t have had the strength to fight this world. True !! A few good moments with your partner at the start of the day and at the end of the day can give you all the strength in the world. 

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The Copyright of this article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Any reproduction of the same without permission will amount to copyright infringement under Indian Laws, subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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