An Eye over Alcohol

Before I begin. It may be a bit rude, straight forward, insensitive but just something that I am speaking from my heart. This is not a politically correct or a diplomatic post. So if you are expecting something like that, then please do not read further.

Since last few days, post lockdown, I have been trying hard to maintain my sanity. Like every human being, I am also trying hard to adjust to this scenario. I am not allowed to crib about the present situation because I am from a comfortable middle class family, wherein, we have all worked hard and smart and also saved hard and smart for all the grey days. So in the eyes of the society, I am someone, who is just lucky to have the money and resources.

People buying alcohol during lockdown
Image : Huff Post

But the present scenario of opening of liquor shops is something, that just blew the lid off my brain. Alcohol in no way has any medical value or is an important food item, that it comes under essential. Until a few days ago, we had people debating about house rent to be reduced or waived off and school fees to be waived off and suddenly, we see that there are huge que of people waiting to buy Alcohol. The Alcohol memes were hilarious but I also found those long lines hilarious.

I mean ask those men and women to pay their dues, they would have millions of excuses of being paid less at their jobs to additional expenses. Alcohol in no way is important for survival in life. It is just something that you may have at luxury. Now the other argument, that most people would say is that people are buying with their own money, so why the hell am I interfearing ?

Now I seriously know that it is none of my business but yes, if somebody is buying alcohol with borrowed money just because that person was addicted, then I am definately against it. If in Karnataka people could consumer alcohol worth Rs. 45 Crore in a single day, that means Indians definately do not lack money and can very well survive this Lockdown (Sarcasm!!!!)

I also know a lot of professionals like Doctors, lawyers, CA’s, who’s daily income was around 50,000/- INR are forced to sit at home but to pay their respective helps. There are so many Professionals, who are employed by private companies, who are into white collar jobs, but earing in the lower side, can neither get benefits from the government nor ask for any help from their seniors.

Migrant Workers going home.
Image: Indian Express

Now people like us are not allowed to crib, but to donate our hard earned money towards the country, in form of tax and other contributions and if we do not do it, we are called mean names. It is strange that different NGO’s and almost everyone is trying hard to contribute to the society, by providing them free meals and ration, but do we ever get any ration for our homes ? Oh WAit…we are rich enough by magic and therefore we need to buy it from our over priced neighbour shop.

When there is no export of vegetables, there should be surplus of them and we definately do not have much storage capacity to store the vegetables are they are perishable goods. When local vegetable sellers sell them at Rs. 120 per kg, we are not supposed to bargain, because they need to run their houses solely on the sale and we have money plant at our homes. The same vegetables were almost Rs. 40 per kg, when I ordered them from the groups that home deliver and better quality.

I know so many people, who have lied with reasons just to go to their hometowns, yet the genuine people like us cannot come ahead.

May 3, we had scheduled my brother’s wedding. He is working with an MNC in Banglore. My parents are Senior Citizens, with not so great health. Now, this definately cannot be a reason for my brother to travel all the way from Banglore to Mumbai to be with them. Why ? He earns well, stays with other bachelors, they are boys with money, who cares if they eat twice a day or not ? Full day they sit at home and do tick tick in front of the Computer and get paid huge sum of money for not doing anything. Who cares about their families ? They have a house 4 times meal and a job, so they cannot have problems and priorities. So, my brother cannot be with my parentes because whatever our economic status dictates.

Since, last one month, my spectacles have broken into three pieces and are now beyond repair. I have -3.5 power in both eyes and I am literally blind without them. Luckily, I had contact lens at home so I use them. But it is after really long time, that I am using lens for about 16 hours per day, which has left my eyes dry and swollen at the end of the day. I need to be super careful with my hands because all the lens wearing people will know that little chilli can harm your eyes for hours.

And I also forgot to mention the Salary cut that we middle class are going to experience, because we are wealthy as per the poor people and self sufficient as per the rich people. The percentage of Salary reduced, increases as per your designation because the higher the Salary, the higher you can afford to give away is the general notion. But people forget simple mathematics that the higher the salary, there are even higher expenses that person has to monthly bear, such as the same person, will pay higher EMI for his loan, Higher Rent for his Flat, Higher amount to be spent for maintainence of Vehicles if any, Higher amount for School Fees etc. etc. and these things cannot be changed overnight. If these people negotiate in the market, then we are called names, because as per the society we can afford to.

Anyways, yes because I am a priviledged person, I am not allowed to express my minute problems because they mean nothing considering the major problem that the world is facing. I need to quietly give away with my hard earned money to the society, because that would make me a good person. Sorry, I am seem insensitive but there are certain things that we just need to talk about.

So all in all, here I am sending you loads of love and strength during this lockdown.

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