J- Just Joking…Comedy over the years

This article is written as a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge for the Alphabet J. The Theme for my Challenge is The Indian Television through the eyes of a 90s kid.

Comedy is an integral part of entertainment and our television. The Content of Comedy and our taste in the same has definately changed over the years and so has our resource for comedy. At one point of time Mimicry was an integral part of comedy. If you could immitate someone , you were the center of attraction of every party.

Unfortunately, with time the comedy content that was served to us changed and so did our taste in comedy. We slowly got used to shitty comedy that was served to us. I still miss the old classics like Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi and Zabaan Sambhal Ke, wherein Comedy arose out of situation. Even the toughest challenge was turned into comedy.

The definition of comedy has evolved over the years and abuse has now become a part of comedy. Unfortunately, making fun of somebody has now become a type of comedy. Body Shaming, Fat Shaming, Skin Colour Shaming, everything has been normalised in the name of comedy. People think it is absolutely normal to make fun of some one’s state of mind, some one’s gender or may be their choice in life.

Well partly that fault also lies in us because we as an audience , starting accepting this crap as a part of our entertainment system. If we had stopped watching this kind of content probably they would have not been entertained to make the same.

Abuse has also become a part of the comedy. Unfortunately, a lot of content on YouTube, which is made specifically for the youngsters has a lot of swear words. Sometimes, the comedy content on These OTT Platforms are so bad that you can neither listen to the same in front of adults nor in front of children. Because they will obiviously judge you for the same.

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