T – The Award Goes To

This article is written as a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge for the Alphabet Q. The Theme for my Challenge is The Indian Television through the eyes of a 90s kid.

Who did not enjoy the Glamourous Award Shows ?

Those larger than life film actors, dressed up in their best dresses. Waiting to see, who would receive the award.I am sure we never bothered that even we were excited, when even we were about to receive an award.

Earlier, there were two major awards, which were Filmfare Award by the Filmfare Magazine and then National Award conducted by the Government of India. Filmfare was mostly to honour the accomplishments of the Bollywood cinemas, whereas National Awards, honoured the accomplishments of regional languages also.

With time, the number of awards increased as it became more of an entertainment show. Today, we have Zee Cine Awards, Star Parivaar Awards, Screen Awards, IIFA and many more, whicch I am not aware about. With time passing, I stopped watching awards, as it was more of a dance show.

The actors, who would win an award, were also asked to perform. Whereas performances were good, but after sometime, they seemed to be repetative.

With time passing, the award functions also started having some ridiculous categories for award like for loosing most weight, most fresh face, apart from the best Debutant award and many others. Life Time Achievement Awards, were given in two or three categories and unfortunately even here, there was no transparency.

There were also controversies that the awards were being bought by the celebrities like Rishi Kapoor had confessed during one of his interviews. Well with years passing the quality of the movies were never of much importance. The awards literally looked like they were bought by the producers. Star Kids and their movies received the best awards and the best songs and movies were often ignored.

So this made me loose my faith in the awards bestowed by the corporate Companies and the brands.

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  1. I used to be a die hard fan of the award functions but I agree they are not the same anymore. The jokes are crass and it’s all about the people who will win. I saw pics of the ceremony in Assam this year. Only who was winning was there so obviously there is no transparency


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