S – Satellite Television

This article is written as a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge for the Alphabet Q. The Theme for my Challenge is The Indian Television through the eyes of a 90s kid.

Satellite Television or Cable TV entered into Indian Television in the 1990s. When the Country opened to Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation. But it was not until the year 2000, when the number of channels telecast with the help of Cable TV increased in India.

The increased number of channels meant variety of content for the audience. We had comedy channels, daily drama channels, Animal, Travel, Science and Fiction, News Channels, Sports, cartoon, where the content was broadcast 24*7. As a child, the idea of watching cartoons 24*7, was like a secret wish come true.

Before the Satellite Channels entered into our Country, we had Doordarshan and every house which had a Television Set, had an Antenna on its Terrace. Whenever it rained or there was wind, we would go up on the terrace the next day and adjust those antennas.

When cable TV came home, we also had an opportunity to watch movies every night. Not the movie channels but the pirated movies, which the Cable TV person would televast on that special Cable Channel. Every night we would wait eagerly till 9 pm to see which movie he showed. During Vacations, most of the times the Cable guy would play the most loved movie or the the latest movie. Though we were school children then, we had restricted timings to access the Television. Those were the days of appointment viewing and not unlike today, when every person has his or her own Entertainment set at home.

I still remember the first time I saw the Logo of Zee TV, I was fascinated by the same. I was some where around 7-8, when this channel was launched in India. I would always wonder, why a particular channel was called Z Tv. Everytime, they would announce about a show or show trailers of Television serial, they would mention about the Time of Telecast in India and time of Telecast in UAE. Once again a small kid did not know by time difference.

The ultimate threat that was used by the 90’s parents was ,

If you do not study, we will cut down the Cable TV

If you do not get the required marks, No more Cable TV for you”

The Cable TV would be disconnected by most of the parents atleast a month before the Exams.

These were my fond memories with respect to the Satellite Tv. Do share about your memories as a 90’s kid.

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