P- Pre Loved Content

This blog is written as a part of #BlogchatterA2ZChallenge for the Alphabet P. The theme of my challenge is Indian Television through the eyes of a 90’s kid.

How many of us did not spend our childhood watching Crystal Maze or Takeshi’s Castle or Small Wonder ?

Small Wonder was one of my Favourite Programs, while growing up. No program for children can match the level of creativity that Small Wonder had. It was more of a fantasy show for children. We were first introduced to the English Content on the Television through the Dubbed Content. I loved the Hindi version of Small Wonder than the English VErsion.

When we talk about the Pre-loved Content, who can forget about the South Indian Movies that we watch almost every other days on the Movie Channels. Dubbed Content has given an opportunity to the regional cinema to reach a more wider audience than earlier. It has not only given the actors but also the Directors to get more fan base across the country.

Similarly, Hindi Serials are also dubbed in regional languages so that they reach the audience to the length and breath of the country. Most of the times it is the mythological content that is dubbed or any popular family drama.

When we talk about Dubbed Content, how can we forget the Cartoons. Most of the Cartoons that we have seen during our growing up years were foreign cartoons. They were dubbed from English language. During the later years we also had cartoons like Pickachoo, Ninja Hattori, Peppa Pig, Doremon, which are dubbed from English, Japanese, Korean Languages to Hindi and other Regional Languages.

Remember, when Disney Channel Had entered India in the Early 2000s, we also had Disney Shows such as Hannah Montana, Thats So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Those Television shows just brought back the beautiful memories of my childhood.

So earlier, the content was dubbed for the lack of creating new content. Today, we do not need to wait for a content to be dubbed. We can watch the same content over the Internet with the help of Sub-Titles. Dubbing a content to reach larger audience is good but sometimes, the content looses its essence. For Example:- the use of language and vocabulary in the original language may not be the same as in the dubbed content.

Even today, we do have a lot of dubbed content on the Television so let us all sit together during this lockdown period and appreciate the film making techniques of different regions.

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