O- Oh My God

This article has been written as a part of #BlogchatterA2z for the alphabet O. My theme for this is Indian Television through the eyes of the 90s kids.

Mythological Serials have been a part of our Indian Television since the late 80’s. Whether Mahabharat and Ramayan were just myth or reality, it is still debateable. But basically, these stories have a lot of science, psychology, human behaviour and the lessons to learn for life.

Sadly, the producers and directors of the recent Mythological Serials just ensured that it is important that they get more TRP then actually sharing the right content with the audience.

No matter how much we try to tell the reality to the world, the Story Tellers just want to make money out of it. For which, they have easily distorted the facts, for their own convenience.

Indian Women are known for their dusky skin colour. Panchali was a dusky skin beauty. She was know for more than having 5 husbands. Unfortunately, the new Mahabharat has a first skin Draupadi. Similarly, Shree Krishna, was Shyam Rang and not fair. But some of our serials have managed to show him fair. He was a strong man, who taught how to live life. But some of our Producers managed to reflect him as a lover boy… REmember the song Character Dheela.

Till date, we had been taught that Indian culture always laid down guidelines for suppression of women, whereas in reality it was always the opposite.

The recent telecast of Ramayan in the midst of Lockdown helped us all clarify a myth that we were always told about. We were always told that Sita had to undergo Agni Pariksha to prove her purity to her husband. That was an example that was always used by our Society to suppress women. Thanks to the retelecast, and proper interpretation of the facts, we understood that it was Sita’s shadow that was with him for 14 years in the forest and not her. Sita was safe with the Fire God and to return the original Sita, the shadow had to walk back into the Fire.

Such a simple fact was twisted and told to us for years.

Some programs have interpreted the situations very well, whereas some have just created more confusion.

This was my post for Alphabet O for the #BlogchatterA2Z series.

The Copyright of this Article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Any reproduction of the same without permission would amount to Copyright Infringement under the Indian Laws.

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