Four More Shots Please… Yes Once again

Four More Shots Please is back once again on Amazon Prime, with its second season. It was released yesterday on Amazon Prime and I binged watched it last night.

This season has 10 episodes and the story continues from where they had left in the last season.

This is a story of 4 Friends, Umang(Gurbani), Damini(Sayani Gupta), Anjana (Kirti Kulhari) and Siddhi (Manavi Gagroo) who are BFFs and used to often hang out together at Truck Bar, which is owned by their friend Jay (Prateik Babbar).

Brief Character Background, Umang is a trainer and is bi-sexual currently dating Samara Kapoor (Lisa Ray) a bollywood actress. Damini is a fierce Journalist, who had her own website and is now writing a book, currently dating Jay and her Doctor (Milind Soman).Anjana is divorced and has a 4 year old daughter, she is a lawyer, who was facing misogyny at her workplace and therefore started working independently, commitment phobic and ends up with the wrong guy. Siddhi is a girl who is lost and wants to be independent but does not know what is so special about her and discovers her skill set and works on the same.

These 4 friends meet once again and rekindle their life after the last major fight that they had in the last episode of SEason 1.

Why I loved this Season

I hated the previous season to be frank and felt that it was more about fake feminism where, women they get drunk and call themselves empowered. This season simply changed the definition of simple things in life. They have beautifully explained the nuances of relationship without making it messy. Yes, we women are complicated when it comes to expressing our emotions and therefore it always ends up in crying or getting angry.

They have beautifully explained the concept that even if you are independent financially and with a career, it is absolutely normal that you may need an emotional support at times.

Our society often says that women need to leave behind everything once they are married and they cannot have friends. But this show reflects on why having that long lost friend is more important than anybody.

I simply loved the way how they have portrayed a lesbian relationship, without making it creepy and spoken about mental health, without actually making is seem crazy. I loved the sensitivity of this season.

Our society expects women to be ace in everything but they fail to listen to us. They have also addressed the Elephant in the Room by addressing the relationship between spouses post Divorce. When the parents try to be friends for the sake of the child and how things can get complicated between them incase either of them do not have control on their emotions.

Being priviledged does not mean that you are happy. Yes being priviledged may give you access to a lot of materialistic things, but still priviledge does not take away your right to be independent. Women being bold and fearless on the work front may also have confusion between their love life.

Yes, it does highlight the negatives of our human emotions and I am sure all the men will say if we men did the same thing you would have called us jerks. Just because women do it , you are calling it empowerment.

Yes, these women are financially independent , I call that empowerment but they are emotionally confused I call that human mind.

This is a really good series to watch this lockdown as you may really want to rekindle your friendship with your ex-girlfriends and hang out like you did during your college days.

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