N- News

This article is written as a part of #BlogchatterA2challenge, for the Alphabet N. N for News.

The News has been a crucial part of our Television Broadcast since the early years.

Previously, news was telecast only in two languages across the Country, In English and Hindi. We would also have the regional news for half an hour in different states. This news was telecast by the Government of India. On the Sundays at around 1pm, we had the weekly news, wherein the news was in English Language and we would have the interpreter for the deaf people.

Satellite Television also bought in private news channels in the race. NDTV, Star News, Zee News were now broadcasting news in English and Hindi. With India Launching more satellites in the space, we were now able to have more 24*7 channels and more content to watch.

When news was broadcast by the Government, the quality and standard was somewhat at a different level. The content was crisp, the news anchors were perfect and their language was something that we looked upto them for.

There was a time, when elders would force us to watch the News and read the News papers so that we could improve our language skills. BBC and NN news were the first English Channels to enter Indian News World.

Unlike today, where the News channels are 24*7, yet they are not even remotely similar to what we had previously. Most of the times, I feel that they are like overgrown kids, simply screaming for attention. The grace, the poise, everything simply vanished off from our News Channels.

Earlier I felt that only, I was watching a Fiction Family Drama, the way they used to present some news articles. Even till date I do not understand what is the need for using the overdramatic Saas- Bahu Music ? If I wanted to watch a family drama I would put on Star Plus and not Star News. I feel that today there is nothing new that we can learn from the News Channels or News Shows.

Half of them are either bought or promoted by Businessmen or Political parties, so they end up being more of their mouth pieces. It is difficult to different whether they are saying the truth or lying about the actual facts.

One more new trend amongst the News channels is the Media Trial. It all started with the Jessica Lal Murder Case. Unfortunately, today Media is also trying to become a Judiciary by itself.

The other new development in the field of Media are the Vloggers. The News Anchors have not even left the Social Media to spread their propoganda. Vloggers Like Dhruv Rathi, comedians like Kunal Kamra, are all a part of this. Social Media has given an opportunity to the common man to express their opinions. That is solely based on the half baked information.

What truly upsets me is that despite having dedicated News Channels which run 24*7, they only run those same repeated negative news. Why cannot the News Channels dedicate 50% of their time in reporting the latest developments in Science and Technology or appreciating the efforts of achievers.

But wait, giving positive news will not bring in more viewers and TRP right?

So it is better to stick to the Negative News.

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The Copyright of this article belongs exclusively to Ms.Aishwarya Sandeep. In case of reproduction of the same, appropriate action under the Indian Laws, subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction would be initiated.

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