M – Music

This article is written as a part of #BlogchatterA2Z series for Alphabet M. Music is an integral part of the our lives and Television is one of the sources of Music.

M for Music.

Before the Television, penetrated in our Country, the main source of entertainment for people was the Radio. If somebody, wanted to watch a movie song, they had to watch the entire movie in the theater.

Television introduced us to Music, through weekly shows such as Chitrahaar and Rangoli, which were hosted by celebrities then. We would all eagerly wait for these programs and enjoy that one hour of Music.

The early 90s saw the entrance of Channel V and MTV into India. Earlier these Channels played mostly English Tracks and Hindi Tracks were limited. Subsequently, with time, these channels also Indianised themselves and started playing majority of Hindi Movie songs.

The 90’s music is also very special to me because of the Music Videos we had then. The music was soothing, meaningful and gave ways to our imagination. Bally Sagoo, Alisha Chinai, Falguni Pathak, gave us good music and memories to cherish. 90’s was also the time when remix music was introduced in India. But still there was something much better about those remixes. May be I am becoming old but I do not like to hear the remixes of certain songs even today.

Having Music Channels also gave rise to Item Numbers or timepass songs. These are usually catchy numbers but have no relation to the movie and are usually used only to promote the movie. These songs are played on a loop on these music channels are radio stations, which makes us automatically fall in love with them.

2000’s also opened a new door to the Private Radio Stations, which meant now music was available on Radio for us 24*7. There was slight no wait huge difference in which the private radio stations functioned and how the Government owned Radio Stations functioned.

Latest songs were played and slowly after sometime, even cars were manufactured with FM players in them.

With time, how we consumed music also changed. From Television, to Radio, to small handy FM players, to FM in our Cars.

But the real game changers were our Cell Phones and Smart Phones.

FM, YouTube, Spotify, OTT platforms just changed the way we consumed our music. Every music existing in this world was now available on the Cloud and therefore we could now listen to our Favourite Songs, anytime anywhere, with anyone.

So this was my article for M for Music, for the #BlogchatterA2Zchallenge.

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