Men Cannot Cook

Men Cannot Cook

Oh ! How can Men cook ?

They are not meant for cooking.

It does not suit them.

Cooking is a part of a Women’s Duty.

Skies, will fall down, if men start cooking at home,

What will the society say ?

The women in his house are incapable of feeding him.

What happened if he stays alone ?

There is always a maid or a take-away.

If not the Canteen at his office can always help.

What is the need to Learn Cooking for that?

Cooking is always a woman’s Job.

Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Dressing up a woman, is a woman’s job,

What do men understand about colours, patterns, fashion and style?

How will they know, what is a woman’s choice ?

Afterall, no man till date has understood a woman, let alone her choice.

Men do not understand the difference

between Mauve, Pink and Maroon,

How do you expect them to

put on a good makeup for you ?

Make up is an art,

So it is only fair that a woman highlights a woman’s features.

Mickey Contractor – Make up to Celebs

Men cannot teach toddlers,

Have you ever seen any men being a Kindergarden school teacher?

Men are meant to do superior things,

Like teach technical subjects, which are more challenging.

Not something basic like A. B, C….

Dear Society,

When will you understand that Gender and skill set are two different things.

There may be restrictions on men cooking at home because it a huge question on their masculinity. But aren’t majority of the hotels fully run by men? If they can cook professionally, why does it create a problem for them if they want to cook as a hobby or just to help the women in their house.

These statements may be a bit ridiculous and outdated, when you read them for the first time, but that is how we women feel every now and then.

When the society decides for us, what we can do and what we cannot do.

That is exactly how it sounds to us, when people say, Women cannot drive or Women cannot do good in technical field or women cannot be good managers.

For any person, irrespective of their gender, what every profession needs is natural talent and acquired skill set.

2020 is the time to reboot your system and work towards a new dawn.

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The copyright to this article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. In case of reproduction of the same without permission, appropriate action under the Indian Laws, subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction would be initiated.

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  1. Lovely post and I hope lot of people read it. Especially those who think women must cook even if she does not. Men have rights and privileges but why? We really need the mindset to change


  2. Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the superb work!


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