L- Live TV

This article is written as a part of #BlogchatterA2Z series for the Alphabet L. My theme for the same is Indian Television through the eyes of the 90s kid.

The early days I remember., the only access that I had to the Live TV was the Cricket Match. When ever there was a Cricket Match or a series I remember how the Television channels would telecast the Match Live. Those were the early days of the Indian Television.

Subsequently, with the increase of the Satelliter Television, and Star Sports and ESPN in our living rooms, we would get to watch the same match in better quality in our living rooms with our friends.

The late 90’s and the early 2000\s would then go on and telecast the live award shows and Beauty Paegents. But what the most important breakthrough was the live telecast of news. There were no previously recorded clips and now we could watch the live telecast of News or events as and when they happened.

With the 24 hour news channels coming up , Live Telecast, was something that was a part of our lives.

Another important milestone in Live Television was, when Reality TV shows held their Finale Live. I stil remember. how I desperately waited for the results. Live Television made us feel that we are a part of the event itself.

Today with the OTT Platform and the multiple Satellites sent by us. The entire scenario of Live Television is changing for the best. With Live Streaming becoming a cheaper affair, it is now possible even for the General audience to stream live and share their events with the world.

The High Speed Internet and the easier access to the same has now gives us access to watch live events like the IPL matches on our Cell Phones, while travelling.

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The copyright of this article belongs to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. In case of reproduction of the same without my permission would amount to Copyright Infringement and would be punishable under the Indian Laws.


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