The K Saga

This blog is a part of #BlogChatterA2ZChallenge 2020 for the Alphabet K.

In the K Saga, I would be talking about how Ekta Kapoor Single Handedly managed to capture the Indian Television Audience. She is a woman, who managed to change the face of the Indian Television completely.

Ekta Ravi Kapoor, the Indian Television Moughal, is the daughter of Film Actor Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor. She started her journey with the Indian Television as a producer with Padosan.

Come the year 2000, when Star TV went Hindi and a lot of new Hindi Shows were in demand. Who can forget Tulsi, welcoming us in her home with the Thali and Parvati Bhabhi’s Half Moon Bindi with a star below. For the first time, we desperately wanted to be traditional and sarees and bindi’s were in fashion once again.

The K serials, which usually occupied the prime slot i.e. Evening 7pm to 10 pm, were a part and parcel of every woman’s daily routine. Nobody dared to touch the remote control and anyone who committed the mistake of the same…Do I need to explain the consequences. For some astrological reasons, any shows produced by Balaji Television, always started from K and thus her serials were known as the K saga.

Most of her shows would have a very beautiful and sanskari Bahu or Beti, who would have all the responsibilities of the world. She somehow would end up with a Rich, single and the most eligible bachelor in the world. The Mother-in-law would hate her. The Vamps would ensure that her life is a mess.

The K Serials were the first ones to make Vamps look Glamourous. All Her Villians would have 6 pack abs and the Vamps wardrobe had a bigger budget than the entire serial. Each character would wear only a particular style of dress or a saree with those limited colour shades. I understand from the cinematographers, that it was done to reduce the amount of time spent to fix the lighting as these serials had to be shot almost everyday.

If after running for a couple of years, if the story line was dead, then there would be a time leap. Where nobody is ageing but new characters and new storylines are introduced, with the previous characters staying as it is.

Strangely, none of the women in the ‘K Serials’ ever had a job or an ambition or an achievement. Somehow, I felt that those serials only made our country go back in ancient days. I don’t know why, I found those serials to be more regressive and the basic motto of the serials was only the same.

Hurt a woman, break her self confidence, tell her only if she is sanskari, she is a good girl, any girl who wears traditional outfits cannot do anything wrong to anyone. Unfortunately, the K serials only glorified Domestic Violence in the name of Culture. It is sad and disheartening that someone who had so much of Power and reach in terms of content and money could have made such brilliant concepts, chose to promote patriarchy and Domestic Violence openly.

Turning back apart from the few sarees and the jewellery, there was really nothing good about the K serials. Unfortunately, the entire country does not think about in the same manner and gave huge thumbs up to these serials. That is the reason, why even today, we have serials upto 1200 plus episodes of non-sense and never dying characters.

I really hope this non-sense comes to an end.

This blog was a part of Alphabet K for #BlogchatterA2ZChallenge. Do follow my website for more interesting post. Tomorrow for Alphabet M, I would be writing about how Live Television has changed over the years.

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  1. I remember what a craze these serials were and you are right, they were so regressive. I think there are many others still being telecast on TV and they have a following. I have never understood why the good girls are tortured the most. 😉


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