Thank God its Friday.. Weekend Programs

This blog is a part of #BlogchatterA2ZSeries. For the Alphabet F I have written about Thank God its Friday…Weekend Programs that we used to enjoy then.

One of the best parts of watching the Television shows then was there were no repeat telecast. We knew the days of the week by the programs that were telecast then. Fridays meant special programs that were telecast. The programs would mostly be comedy programs and family programs.

Weekends would be reserved for movies mainly as we barely had any movie channels then.

Weekends also meant that we could watch television for longer time period. An hour extra of television meant a big deal for us. We would eagerly wait for those hindi movies on Friday night on DD National or DD 1 as it was known then. DD 2 or DD Metro, would generally telecast serials.

DD 1 movies had the maximum advertsisements during these late night movies and the movies that usually began at night 9 or 9.30 pm would end around 1 or 1.30 am in the night. Today in the comforts of our Bedrooms with headphones plugged in, we switch on to watch our favourite movie or TV series on our cell phones. No interferance at all. No question of censorship.

During the mid 90’s, when most of the houses got Cable TV’s, we would eagerly wait for Saturday night because that was the night when they would telecast the latest Hindi Movies and Sunday nights usually had Old classic movies.

Chitrahaar on Sunday Morning, Superhit Muqabala, were the shows that we would eagerly be waiting for, because those were the times, when we could actually listen to our favourite songs and dance. Those days we did not have 24 hour music channels or music apps. Who would have thought that we would have music at our disposal and not wait for the weekend.

Weekends also meant informative shows such as Surabhi and turning Pont, where we got our weekly dose of general knowledge. I still remember Renuka Shahane and Siddharth Kak sitting on the floor and explaining different cultures about our country. Surbhi was a popular cultural show with a great impact on the society. The show was also featured in Limca Book of Records for receiving the highest number of letters in a week.

Yes, those days, fans wrote letters, and sent it to the shows, if your letter was read out during the show, you were no lesser than a celelbrity.

If this video does not bring back a lot of memories, then sorry you are not a 90’s kid.

Chat shows were also telecast over the weekends because the audience wanted more of a relaxed and entertaining content. I still remember the buzz that Koffee with Karan had created in its initial seasons as it was telecast on Star World. You had to be elite and smart if you were watching this show. Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, was also a show that I would look forward to watch.

These days you have Kapil Sharma show, which is a kind of decent comedy/chat show. Though I do not like the humour content of the part of the show, but I just appreciate the fact that a man, who has no background from the film industry, manages to get awesome guest every episode. From yesteryears actors to sports person, he has had them as guest in his show. To think about this concept itself and to take the risk of calling lesser known actors itself is a big risks. Almost all the producers and actors appear on his show before their movies launch.

Today, frankly speaking, there is nothing like a weekday or a weekend content. As I have already shifted to the OTT platforms, where all the episodes of a season are launched together for us to binge watch.

But somewhere,

From deciding which show to watch over the weekend,

to deciding the food menu for the week..

I grew up ..

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  1. You reminded me of so many shows we watched while growing up and the excitement in waiting for them. Sometimes i wonder if those were simpler and better times. Thanks for this nostalgic trip


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