Early days of Appointment viewing

This article has been written as a series of #BlogchatterA2Z for the Alphabet E.

When Television was launched in India. We had limited Television Sets and the television telecast time was limited. Television is able to telecast shows only for a particular time slot. Before the days of cheap internet and DTH, personal viewing was not possible.

Well appointment viewing ensured that people watched the programs with complete concentration.Unlike today, when we watch our programs while multi tasking.

There was a time when even news was Appointment viewing . Probably that did not force the channels to create the content, just for the sake of the same.

Do you remember the days, when we would all eagerly wait for the movies every Sunday, we did not have 24 hours movie channels then. During those days, we would wait for every Friday Night and Saturday Night for the movies to come on Air. During those days the maximum advertisements were played in between these movies because the Channel had its maximum audience.

Unlike today, there were no more Music channels and we would all wake up early in the morning to watch Rangoli and chitrahaar. So that we could enjoy our Special Sunday breakfast along with our weekly dose of music. Rangoli was first aired in the year 1989. It was not only popular in India but also in the places like United States and Middle East. The earlier few seasons, were hosted by Bollywood Actress Hema Malini.

We also had a lot of programs, that were telecast weekly at a particular time. Unlike today, we could not binge watch the programs, i.e. watch back to back episodes of a particular series. The programs in those days, would be telecast for a few weeks and then be closed down. There was no question of Season 2 or Season 3 of a particular show, like today.

Appointment viewing then had definately made us more inquisitive about the content of the show. During the late 80’s and the 90’s we barely had any shows, which had continous episodes. Most of the shows were stand alone episodes. But yes, as I have been continously mentioning in my series. Content was given a major importance during those days.

I do not blame the children today, for not wanting to watch the Television and being hooked on to YouTube. Television channels sometimes rather most of the time telecast the same episode again and again, where as a YouTube or an Amazon Prime gives you much more variety at your disposal. Children these days do not understand the concept of waiting for a particular cartoon to come on Air and then to sit and enjoy the same.

This article was written as a part of #BlogchatterA2Z series for the alphabet E.

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  1. Wow those were the days, everything was so sorted our routines, our programs on TV , I remember on Sunday afternoon regional movies used to telecast and mu mom was so crazy about that also, and surprisingly she able to understand plot’s of every movie so perfectly irrespective to languages. Thanks for taking me to those golden days.


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