I am writing this blog as a part of #BlogchatterA2Z2020 series for the Alphabet D. My topic is Doordarshan.

It is next to impossible that being a 90’s kid, I do not talk about Doordarshan. My son, who is 5 cannot handle the fact, that the Television does not play the cartoon that he wants at his time. Unfortunately, today’s Youtube kids do not understand the patience of having to wait for the Television Channels to Telecast your favourite programs.

Doordarshan had played a majpr role in our lives during our growing years. It was our entertainment channel, cartoon network, infotainment, food channel, Discovery channel and almost all the Geners of the Shows packed in one. Today, despite having so many private Satellite channels, I somehow tend to miss Doordarshan the most.

Why, well there are several reasons for it. For one, it was controlled by the Central Government and during those days, it was very expensive to produce and telecast a show. People gave more importance to the quality of the show than filling up the channels with some crap because you have 24 hours channel to run. Content was given priority then.

Those were the days, i.e. in the late 80’s to early 90’s, when in the metro’s most of the household had a television. Today what we call as prime time slot never existed then, but what existed then wasfamily time during Television. Yes, Doordarshan had bought families together. The news on the National Channel did not have gossip or suspense but only facts. With Amazing Newsreaders such as Rinny Simon Khanna, Neeti Ravindran, Geetanjali Iyer, who with their language passed on the message and facts to their audience.

Who can forget the most iconic Doordarshan Logo, which was designed by _______. It symbolises the third eye of Shiva. Doordarshan, which started out with the show called Krishi Darshan, also telecast programs by UGC for the benefit of School and College students, who had the thirst for knowledge. Programs such as Surabhi and KillBill, Turning Point hosted by Late Girish Karnad, were some of the programs that we desperately waited for.

The Disney hour, Tales Spin, He Man, were our Cartoons that we would religiously wait for as kid. We learnt how to read the clock onlyh because we wanted to know when our favourite shows would start.

Doordarshan seldom repeated content. If you were not before the Television at the time of the program, you would miss the same. Probably that also explained the empty streets during the telecast of Ramayan and Mahabharat.Unlike today personal viewing was not an option then.

During Doordarshan days, Television united people unlike today, where entertainment has divided families.

During Doordarshan days, when there were limited number of Television sets, people would gather at one particular house and watch the Television together. Snacks and Savouries would be shared and chores would be divided. Everyone would laugh and cry together. For weeks scenes of a particular movie or a show would be discussed.

There was no page 3 and so we were unknown to the gossip around the film or serial world. We just enjoyed the programs, loved the characters and appreciated the artist. Sometimes, limited information is all you need to appreciate art.

Doordarshan ensured that its serials passed on good messages, humour was something that we could all sit and watch together with our parents, grandparents, friends, neighbours and even the most orthodox person in the society. Unlike today, where humour means insulting a person for their choices and gender. Today unfortunately, humour means degrading self respect of a person.

Sadly, the serials of then were more progressive. For example, programs like Dekh Bhai Dekh openly spoke about girlfriends, wherein the daughter in laws had their own careers as well as looked after the family. There was no hatred but yes tons of mischief.

So now considering the present lockdown, Doordarshan has once again started its old classic series such Ramayan, Mahabharat, Circus and Bomkyesh Bakshi. We are still awaiting when they would bring back the old TV programs once again.

One of the most intersting incidents that recently happened was, when Doordarshan announced that it would bring back its old serials, it website immediately crashed. Though unfortunately some people still think that the telecast of Ramayan and Mahabharat is nothing but a propoganda of the Governement to convert the Country into Hinduism and deprive other religion of their religion. I feel it is just an attempt by Doordarshan to gain back its audience in the world of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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