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This post has been written for the Alphabet C as a prompt for #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge. I chose to write about Cartoons, which are an integral part of our Television.

Well having a toddler at home means, you are forced to watch the channel that they want to watch (though the same rule barely applies to fathers). The priority to keep them engaged for a few moments is so high amongst mothers, that even a few hours of noise does not matter to us. A lot of times, I sit down, while my kid is watching his cartoon. It is also important to know, what our children are watching, not to interfere in their choices, but to ensure they are not watching anything wrong.

I grew up in the generation of Tom and Jerry and Uncle Scrooge, where the content was original. For Disney Cartoons, which were originally in English and were dubbed in Hindi for our Indian Audience, the language was decent. Offlate, lot of Korean, Chinese and Japanese Cartoons have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. I do not mind watching a cartoon of foreign origin once a while, but what irritates me is the language of dubbing.

Most of these characters, end up talking like famous bollywood stars. I don’t remember the cartoon, but this particular character, spoke like Sanjay Dutt. Little Singham has good moral but his shayaris are sometimes pathetic and make no sense. There are also cartoons like Chota Bheem and Krish, which deal with mythological characters with a modern twist. I came to know a lot about Hanuman only after watching the movie Hanuman.

While, some of these cartoons, are ridiculous, we have equally good cartoons for our children, which are Indian. It is a really good way to introduced Ramayan, Mahabharata and other stories to our children through these animated series. If we teach our children through audio – visual medium, it will have more impact and will stay in their memory for longer time. How, I hated this power zone time during those days, because my brother would be glued to the television and that meant no TV time for me.

Earlier, we just saw a Cartoon for entertainment purpose and our relationship with them was limited only upto our screens. Today, the scenario is different. We take these characters with us, where ever we go, knowingly or unknowingly. We have Chota Bheem,and Doremon, stationary, school bags, Tshirts, Gifts and these days we also conduct, cartoon character themed birthday parties for children. Whenever, our favorite cartoon characters come to a particular mall to entertain us, we definitely do not miss our on the opportunity to say a hi to them.

Cartoons have moved on from simple entertainment characters to brands for children as well as parents and it is definitely a big industry today. Cheaper Internet also has contributed a lot to this. I now have access to beautiful traditional poetry and songs which are presented in an animated form for children. There is no specific effort required for parents to hunt for these text and then teach our children. Earlier, we learnt such songs, while playing with our friends during those hot summer afternoons. Today, we barely have kids of my son’s age in our building. So we need to depend on technology.

Whatever, may be the era, whatever may be my age, I will never miss an opportunity to watch a cartoon.

If you are also a cartoon lover like me, then please do let me know what you think about the same.

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    1. This post deals with the content that has changed.

      Distractive feeding is a choice of the parent. Sometimes that is the only option because it helps to feed the child while sitting in one place. It saves time for both the parent and the child. There is a thin line difference between addiction and limited use. If you can control the use then I see no harm.


  1. I have never been a cartoon lover. Not even as a child. My children were fond of a few cartoons though. I think a balanced exposure to these never harms. Now that my children are grown up I’m past that stage too.


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