The theme of my blog series for #blogchatterA2Z is Indian Television throgh the eyes of the 90’s kid.

When we talk about Television, the most integral part of the Cable TV are the advertisements. How can any Channel earn its revenue, until and unless they do not sell its Air time to brands manage to survive. Advertisements are not only used to sell the products but also to remind people that the brands exist in the market and how we cannot survive without their products.

So here is my blog on the first Alphabet A for Advertisement.

Washing Powder Nirma,

Washing Powder Nirma….

How many of us literally hum this jingle in our minds once in a while.

It was post the Color Televisions, that the audience could enjoy colourful ads on their Television screens. Many famous faces of today, such as Raju Hirani, Salman Khan, Preity Zinta, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia made their on screen debut through the small Television Advertisements. Somehow the concept of the advertisements and the jingles, captures our mind.

Main Ghar Chod Kar ja raha hoon,

“Magar Mummy ne toh ghar pe Jalebi banayi hai”


It would be a white lie if I say, we all did not fall in love with this cute kid, who had left the house because the members of his family would always shout at him.

The basic difference between advertisements in the 80’s and the 90’s and today is storytelling and the concept. The advertisements, were then more family bond. We could relate to the characters as family members or as friends. Unlike today, where the intention of the ad film makers is to simply show some sexist or sexy content and just attract the audience for 30 seconds.

Yes, today advertisements are more visually appealing thanks to Computer Graphics. Yet, they simply do not touch our souls. There seems to be something very loud, irritating and unrealistic, that are visible on the Television. Yes. We do have some great advertisements even today like the Surf Excel Ads, during the festivals and also other advertisements, promoting some cause or giving some social messages during festivals.

Today the medium of advertisements is not limited to Television, we also have other mediums such as OTT Platforms, YouTube, Games on Mobile Phones, Social Media etc. Advertisements need not be the 30 second ad as they were previously, but today some advertisements are even a few minutes longer. Advertisements are also a good way of storytelling and in the last few years have also been used to spread important social messages.

Brands these days are willing to spend more amount on Content Creation than on the Air Time. There are more number of brands and even larger number of agencies than there were in may be last 20 years. It is cheaper to make and sell the products via Digital medium as the cost of production is less and the amount to be spent on Air Time is literally zero.

In the past few years we have had advertisements by brands addressing issues such as Domestic Violence, Eunachs, Voting Responsibility, Challenges faced by the Physically Handicapped, Accessibility Issues etc, addressed. Even though today some of the advertisements may be loud, sexy and may unnecessarily include a woman (like, why do you need a girl in bikini to sell a men’s perfume/deo or an alcohol). We do have other half of the brands which are equally addressing only important issues in our society, such as Samsung or Tata or Surf Excel.

Either the idea behind an Advertisement was only to sell products and build a relationship and therefore it portrayed the relationships, which were pretty much common like a normal functioning family, where father goes to work, mother takes care of everyone and cooks the food. But today Advertisements have also addressed important issues such as Gender Equality, like Ariel, which says #SharetheLoad. The audience today has got broader mindset and therefore quality content is catered to those who accept the same.

Overall, I would like to say that with time, the concept of advertisements have changed. Even though I have been a huge lover of advertisements, even then and now, I love to accept that I still miss the 90’s Indian Television.

Want to know more about the Indian Media and Television ?

The be a part of my journey on #BlogChatterA2Z, where I will be posting different articles everyday about the journey of a 90’s kid with the Indian Media.

This Article was a series of #BlogChatterA2Z, Alphabet A. For my next Alphabet B, I would be talking about how Bollywood Trade Shows have changed with time. I mean, who does no love bollywood gossip but how has the trend changed from Film Magazines, which shared the inside gossip once in a while to Getting even second update of the celebrities.

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Before I leave, let me share 5 of my favourite advertisements, from 90’s till today. Sharing them from the official handle as I do not have copyright of any of them.

Vicks Generations of Care
Samsung India Good Vibes
Feviquick ads

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  1. What a lovely theme Aishwarya! As a 90s kid myself, I really appreciate anything to do with that time period. I remember the ads so clearly- such an essential part of my growing years!


  2. The fact we remember all those Ads shows they had an impact. I also love advertisements and there are some amazing ones these days too, but you are right; there was something about the 90s ads which had a connect and which we miss. Looking forward to your posts


  3. Yay! Proud to be 90s kids. I completely agree with you. During my school days, I won’t be able to notice any difference between the ad and the movie. It was so much fun to watch. In recent times, there is more exaggeration in content and concept, which makes it artificial. Some don’t have any meaning; I keep wondering what they want to convey with this Ad.

    And hey, from your five personal favourite ads, the fevicol is my all-time favourite. No dialogues, but so much fun to watch!

    Wow, it is so relaxing to look back at our memories. Great theme, keep them flowing, I want MORE.

    You might like this.


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