Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash

I received this Baby Laundry Wash from BabyChakra for review before Holi and tried it for the first time on the Holi clothes itself.

As they say that the products that are used for the Adults, need not be used for the children. Initially I used to just put all the clothes together in the Washing Machine with our regular Ariel or Surf, but these days I have started sorting them seperately. Especially since my younger one uses cloth diapers.

When you use cloth diapers, washing can be a bit tricky. I generally soak them in Himalaya Gentle Baby Wash, with warm water and a little bit may be a spoon of the liquid over night. The next day I put the cloth diapers along with the regular clothes in the washing machine.

Post washing, the diapers are still soft and I can inhale a good fragnance. So all in all I am happy with this Liquid Wash, which is indeed gentle on baby’s clothes and their skin. I had used a couple of Liquid Wash earlier, but their fragnance was too strong, which I do not prefer for children. Also this is mild on your Children and Do not bleach your clothes.

This Wash is tough on the stains but gentle on your baby’s clothes.

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