5 Baje 5 Minute

When our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, addressed the Nation to observe Janata Curfew on Sunday 22 March, 2020, he made a special request. To appreciate the health workers and all others in our society, who are working tirelessly despite this dreadly virus roaming around the city.

It just took 5 minutes of our lives to come outside our windows and clap to appreciate the people who are working for us, to appreciate the nature for keeping us safe, to appreciate our own lives for surviving against this deadly disease. While, there were different people with different opinions, whether it should have been done or not, whether it would really bring happiness, to the people. I can tell you one thing for sure. I am in a better mood since then.

I sat on our window with my daughter, with the entire society clapping, some making the sound from Shankh. Every day, we tell our children, don’t make noise, don’t jump around, you cannot go down, you cannot run around the house. But these 5 minutes were something where we could literally make noise. The best part of the evening was the Church Bell, which was the loudest, but it did make us calm.

I don’t know if the same would have some sound vibrations that can kill the virus but it did indeed make us stressfree. There was also a few days old baby who slept peacefully on its mom’s lap, whom I saw across the window. With so many days being in quarantine, these were the few minutes when we could let our hair down.

The idea behind this, may be something different but yes, it did have a positive impact on all of us. Atleast, it made us in better mood.

I don’t know If the Doctors, the staff of the BMC or the families of the Doctors, Police Personnel and their families heard our appreciation but it did make us less cranky. Hopefully in future, we will learn to appreciate the people around us for their selfless work and not abuse them. Like in India, a person abused the doctor for negliegence when his father died due to Covid-19.

Its ok and a good practice to appreciate everyone around you and also to take out 5 minutes in a day to relax. I mean people do join the laughter club to relax themselves. So what is the harm in destressing yourselves.

I have seen a lot of mocking post about the same over the Internet. I have nothing to say against them. But somehow our society and education system failed miserably to appreciate those who give us service.

Yes, we simultaneously had few fools who came down together in groups and celebrated together. Despite clear instructions not to do so.

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Here are a few videos shared by family and friends.. Thank you so much for sharing your videos. Swaroop, Ramya, Urmi, Ankita and Jyothsna Chechi.


  1. Indeed it was a powerful gesture all around the country and made us all streefree. Hope we all will be able to overcome this issue soon ✌️


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