How to manage without milk with babies

Considering the present Pandemic, where people are hoarding things even the most essential ones, unnecessarily. It is important that we maintain the limited use of objects and also teach our kids to do the same.

My daughter is 10 months old and totally dependent on outside food as I could not feed her for more than a few days. I have been giving her Cow’s milk and ragi sattu maav from the age of 2 months. Somehow, my non production of milk was totally compensated by my daughter’s strong digestive system.

Milk until a few days ago, was her essential, like almost 1 liter of milk was consumed by her alone. Considering the foreseen pandemic, wherein Milk may also be a scarity or one of us may not be in a capacity to go ahead and buy milk. I altered her food slowly and not in a day.

She is about 10 months old now and since 5 months after her chooroonu, where we feed solid for the first time to the children, I have been giving her mashed food. It is a bit tricky to give children the solid food but somehow they also understand the crisis.

So here is how I reduced her dependency on milk since almost last 10 days:-

During day time, I started feeding her more semi solid food, especially when she was playing. In that way she did not know that she was eating and her stomach was always full. So her demand for milk automatically reduced.

Yes, we do get baby formula and milk powder, but even they are going out of stock soon. Some people think their morning tea is more important that a baby, who is solely dependent on milk to be fulfilled.

Here are other foods that you can give your babies to keep their stomachs full:-

  1. Ragi or Suji Paste with a little bit of water and sugar. You get ready made Ragi Powder and Suji you can roast the same at home. Ideally you need to add milk but it in case milk is not available you can add water. Start this with 2 spoons in a day and subsequently increase with time.
  2. Introduce fruits and boiled potatoes with steam rice. Suggest that you don’t mash the same with a machine or a spoon. Mashing it with hand will help you in future as they learn to chew with time.
  3. Avoid bakery food or bisuits. Milk along with chapati soaked in it for sometime also makes a good and a heavy food for babies. It is important that you feed these things in less quantity.

Always remember that the digestive system of different children is different. So just because it worked for me may not work for other children. I am not a nutritionist or a paedriatician just a mother sharing her experience.

Though milk is an essential product and the same will always be supplied you never know the future of the same. I am lucky that I am financially doing good and have got family support so I can just go down and buy the milk as and when required. But not all women are like that. A lot of women are away from their families and husbands at present, it would be tough for them to go down to the milk center and sometimes also to stock up formula milk because they are expensive and on somedays kids can consumer as much as 1 box of formula milk in a couple of days.

Another thing that helped me was Cloth Diapers, as they are reuseable, the need for buying more diapers reduces automatically. Yes you may judge for using diapers and call us lazy. There are certain things that are essential today. Earlier women lived in Joint families, where there were a lot of women and other children. These days, with children’s, vacation going on and the worst is stopping them from going outside, we are facing a real big challenge. No matter how much we explain to our children giving excuses, they seem to have their own tantrums. In the midst of all this, changing the wet nappies is one less stress that we would like to have. Cloth Diapers have been a boon for me with my younger one.

During this time of crisis it is important that we all help each other and support each other.

The Copyright to this Article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Reproduction of the same, would amount to copyright infringement under the Indian Laws. Appropriate action would be taken subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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