Collateral Damage caused by Covid Panic

While, the entire world is fighting against this dreadly Virus, the only possible solution to break the chain seems to be self quarantine. With 24*7 News Channels and Social Media access to almost everyone, there is no little scope left for rumours.

Some media sources gave exact information and appropriate directions for avoiding the Virus spread. most of them are creating more of panic and encouraging spread of rumour. More than the ban on local trains, we definately need a ban on the Media along with the restricted information being passed on the people. Like we had for a few hours during 26/11.

Apart from staying in Quarantine, for our own welfare, we are simultaneously creating a lot of unforeseen problems for our society with our panic.

Hoarding of Goods.

With the amount of panic that has been caused in the city, people have started hoarding goods. Some stores have empty shelves of Dal, Rice, sugar along with other cleaning essentials. If the people do not understand that others also need to survive for which they need food, fights are going to kill people before the Virus. People are buying as much as 10kgs of each as if these essentials are going to vanish. Remember, there are people who buy their daily groceries because they do not have sufficient space at home to store. Instead of hoarding the goods, please if possible, just buy for a couple of weeks and let others also have their own share of food.

Collateral Damage Caused – Goods hoarding causes rise in price in times of need. The non availability of basics is going to force people to make additional trips to grocery stores exposing them more to the outside air.

Panic related stress

Some people, especially senior citizens are bound to watch newschannels the entire day. The role of news channels is to pass on information and not to create panic in the city. Yes, we understand that you need content to survive but that does not mean that you continously show the number of deaths.

Watching negative news has a great impact on the minds of senior citizens, their physical and mental health, they panic and may be develop unnecessary health complications. There is already too much panic that is created in our society that people may just simply refuse to take these senior citizens to the basic health care centers if God Forbid something goes wrong.

A few of them are totally dependent on others for food and other outside work, even if a simple task of their bank passbook has not been updated, in the midst of this crisis, It will give them stress. Trust me handling Senior Citizens and kids sometimes is the same. Stop spreading panic. If the television channels want to show the content related to corona, please do show how to make sanitizers at home or how we can have alternatives for mask.

Collateral Damage:The Senior Citizens who are staying alone, may or may not that used to online shopping and may not be physically fit to run around and get their chores done. With extreme panic caused around, the fear of not getting basics for survival may create more complicated issues fo r them before the actual damage by the Virus.

Cost of Mental Health

Mental health is a taboo in our society even today. How many people talk about it during any epidemic or any pandemic. The amount of negative news that we are listening to 24*7 will only add to our stress. Corporates may have allowed a few of its employees to work from home, but working from home also comes with its own set of challenges.

A lot of people have already given paid leave to their maids. In today’s nuclear set up maids are more important than extended families. In their abscence, when chores increase, plus working from home, kids need to be engaged 24*7, these are all real life problems and one heck of a stress.

It may seem simple when you listen to it and we Indians, expect our women to be superwomen, but trust me , it is nothing but additional stress in these times, which is going to break down. As rosy as the pictures may look that it is time to bound with your families and all, the reality is entirely different. Yes, I am a useless modern woman but this is the harsh reality. We do nt want to give screen time to our children but sometimes that seems to be the only option sometimes.

How much can our children have video calls with their friends or talk to others or sit and play those video games? If even with all the precautions, we take them out for sometime, the news articles scare the hell out of us and we end up getting frustrated on our family members causing a lot of turmoil.

Collateral Damage: Only mothers can understand this situation at present. I know self quarantine is important and so is mental health. Just a vent out post.

Not taking care of the Cleaners

The people, who cannot afford to go on leave today are the Garbage Cleaners, Can you even imagine the amount of mess that would have been created if the garbage van operated by BMC does not turn up even for a day ? Yet we see no precautions taken by them or your society garbage collector.

Lack of space

In a city like mumbai people pay thousands as rent for a 10 by 10 sq. ft of space. People are piled on like animals in a small room, their only relief was when one person went to work the others could rest. People would take turns to sit and sleep, that was the only relief. I do not even want to imagine their plight.

Already a lot of businessses have lost their customers, for example poultry business. In this need of time instead of creating panic let us help each other together.

The copyright of this article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep.

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