Blog Theme reveal for my April 2020 #BlogchatterA2Z challenge.

So I actually wanted to write about it for about a couple a years now, but for some reason it kept on getting delayed. Ultimately I decided to go ahead and participate in this #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge with this theme.

Since childhood , I loved watching Television and would sit in front of that idiot box literally doing nothing. I needed Television to eat, to do my homework, to study almost every activity. My love for Television and writing took me to the path of Bachelors of Mass Media (Journalism) in which I completed my graduation.

Though I stopped watching daily soaps or rather stopped being a regular Television person about a few years ago. I still watch the re-runs of the old shows on the digital platforms.

How could I start this blog without this video

There is no limit to the number of times I have watched Hum Paanch, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Yeh to Hai Zindagi, Zabaan Sambhal ke, Office Office, the Big Bang Theory, Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai, Instant Khichdi online. For some reason post 2012, I simply lost the interest in watching these serials online. May be the real culprit was cheap internet that penetrated into our house and gave us the luxury to watch our favourite series at our luxury time.

I was also a part of the transition from Appointment viewing to luxury viewing. Even though there is a huge shift in how we consume our entertainment today. We need to focus on the fact, that we 90’s kids still miss the content of those days. Even though we had limited exposure to the number of channels available, we could connect to those shows.

This is a topic that was something close to my heart and I wanted to write about it since ages, yet, somehow, I could not do it. There were too many things to be written about from Advertisements, to movies, to Reality shows how their journey has changed since the past 3 decades. There is a drastic difference between the cartoons that we saw as kids, to the cartoons that we are seeing today along with our kids.

The journey has been long and different, interesting and boring. Though the quality of production and Telecast has drastically improved today, the quality of content in some arena has drastically reduced. Some of the shows, then were more foreward and more modern than today, without deep plunging necklines and intimate scences to be telecast.

Though my #BlogchatterA2Z series, I am going to write about A to Z of the Indian Television through the eyes of a 90’s kid.

Yes, I love the Idiot Box and I am kind of hooked on to it.

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