Tips for Moms to handle kids during the Corona Virus Scare

The Corona Virus Pandemic has spread across the world and people are becoming more cautious than ever, in facing the same. With travel restrictions and work from options for employees, a lot of people are stuck at home.

Many Schools have already declared Holidays till the end of this month and a few schools have already begun their vacations. With spouses working from home and children with restricted movement, things will only get tougher for us moms. So here are a few tips on how you can handle this situation.

  1. Store Sufficient grocery and dry food items, I would suggest in storing more of cereals because they are more perishable compared to the fresh Vegetables. There is a limit to the storage of Fruits and Vegetables that one can store in their house.
  2. Try and make dry snacks from fresh vegetables and keep it handy. Remember kids at home means they need snacks 24*7. So instead of relying on the readymade snacks, why not make some at home itself in small quantities. Do not hesitate in asking for help from friends.
  3. Try and reduce screen time for children. This may sound rude but if you could reduce your cooking time in the kitchen and physically spend more time with your children. It would help them a lot. Make them play traditional games like Cards, Snakes and Ladders, Carrom Board.
  4. Introduce Reading to your children because once a child is addicted to reading then there is no looking back for a mother.
  5. Explain your children through stories what this pandemic is and why we need to maintain certain restriction instead of just ordering them to not play with their friends. Children are wise enough. They understand things once they are explained in the appropriate manner.
  6. Introduce your children to cooking, give them age appropriate task and most important APPRECIATE THEIR CONTRIBUTION.
  7. You can do a lot of DIY activities with your children and take this time to bond with your family, instead of cribbing about our daily routine. Adapt to this change for a few days. The world will not end but this kind of precaution is required so that the world does not end.
  8. Do not scroll Social Media or Listen to news for more than 30 mins. Trust me a lot of rumours and unnecessary hype is spread through the se two mediums and also stay away from people who create and spread such unnecessary rumours. As if problems in our lives are not enough.
  9. Though we physically cannot meet our family and friends, we still do have options such as Video Calls and Skye. Utilise them to the maximum.
  10. If your spouse is working from home, then ask them for their schedule and complete all your task before your kids wake up. Explain it to your children that even if Daddy is at home, they have their own offices, still working. I simply tell my son that Daddy did not complete his homework so he needs to do his homework, before going to office.
  11. Take out 10 mins for yourself, because this is going to be crazy, invest 10 mins in a day, meditating.
  12. If you cannot hit a gym or ccannot take your children to the playground, then the entire family can workout together in the morning and the evening at home itself.
  13. Try and bring discipline in the routine and with time our children will learn more from this experience than they would have learnt in their schools.
  14. Ensure not to waste other resources like water, electricity and gas, in the process of staying home for longer time.

Hereunder are a few Basic Food Items, that can be kept in stock:-

  1. Cereals and Pulses such as various Dals, Chana and sprouts, they can be used to make curries as well as Sabzi;
  2. Soya Bean is a good alternative for Non-vegetarians;
  3. Keep one packet of Milk Powder for emergency;
  4. If you have an infant at home then a couple of Infant Milk Formula;
  5. Try and roast Methi and make Puris out of it or Shankar Pali, it would be a great healthy snack for kids;
  6. Opt for Healthy snack alternatives such as Makhana and Kurmura;

Introduce Chyavanprash to your children, it is a great immunity booster but it does help only after a few months. Any immunity booster, will take atleast a few months to months to strengthen your body. Nothing happens overnight.

One more thing is we have kept a sanitizer near our door so that whenever we come from outside or step outside we can apply it on our hands and leave.

As they say the Hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. Therefore, it is definately in our hands to battle this monster called as Corona Virus.

Do let me know, what do you think about these tips, if you moms have any other tips then please do share them with you.

The Copyright of this article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. If the same is reproduced, then appropriate legal action under the Indian Laws would be applicable.

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  1. Thank you for this post. It is very helpful for all of us. Coronavirus is threatening for all especially for old people and kids as they need more care than adults, but now the case is even going worse… So, as I was searching form many of the precautions and safety rules, I found this video very useful for all


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