Baby chakra travel Kit

Baby Chakra Travel Kit

The recently launched products by Baby Chakra include a Hand Sanitizer, a HandWash and a Fruit and Veggie wash.

The said products were launched last month and is available on their website as well as on Amazon.

I have been using the hand sanitizer and the handwash almost daily because that is one of the ways in which I can ensure that Suraj washes his hands regularly. The handwash does not make your hands rough and is gentle enough to be used for the children.They both have a mango fragnance, which we both apparently like.

Baby Chakra Hand Sanitizer

I liked the concept of having a spray santiser instead of those drops which we generally get in the market. Having it in the spray format helps me control the quantity of Sanitizer that my son is using. In the liquid format a lot of times, we have ended up finishing the entire bottle in a couple of days.

Baby Chakra Fruits and Veggie Wash

I used the fruits and veggie wash for Soaking in fruits and vegetables before washing them mainly grapes and cauliflower. I must say, I was satisfied with its use. Though I still do not know, how to use the fruit and veggie wash for more item. I generally wash my kids toys in regular soap water but yet to give an attempt to wash them with the fruit and veggie wash. One thing you need to remember it does not form a foam like your regular soap and hence you need to thorougly wash it with regular water. There is no soapy feeling on the vegetable post that.

All in all, if you are planning to travel soon then this kit will definately be handy for you. Would recommend it to all mothers. The most important thing, the products are alcohol free.

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