Behen Tu Kuch Bhi Pehen

This hashtag was trending on Twitter sometime ago. Initiated by Max Fashion, the intention of this hashtag was to encourage women to wear any dress of their choice, irrespective of their age, bodytype, skin colour or profession.

In India, even if a person is murdered in day broadlight, not a single person will blink or dare to come ahead to stop it. The moment a women’s bra strap is seen, the entire world goes beserk and will start lecturing on modesty. But their modesty will definately disappear when a man is passing a lewd comment on a woman who is wearing and outfit covering her entire body !!

Strange, we call ourselves progressive and boast of Malls and Metros and yet fail when we have to talk about personal space.

What is surprising is, when a woman chooses to expose her clevage she is called a slut and when a woman decides to cover herself, she is called a behenji and backward.

Hereunder are the two outfits for which I was bodyshamed the most.

Forget the scenario if you are tall, dark and plus size. Even the clothing store sales men do not leave an opportunity to body shame you by pretending that you do not exist, when you ask for a particular size.

Being Dark and plus size is a crime in India, trust me it is horrible. People never leave an opportunity to body shame you.

Earlier people dressed according to climate and that is how traditional outfits evolved with time. I dress according to my convenience and mood. I prefer cotton outfits, sometimes they are flowy sometimes they are well fitting or with decent fitting. Yet I have been hearing unnecessary comments for the same.

I mean the same people just vanish in thin air, when I need help.Oh yes and I become invisible on Social Media for them, once I win some competition or something like that. The judgment in our society is so deep that despite being a blogger I am miserably uncomfortable posting my own pictures.

I really hope this Hashtag does more good to people and they understand the concept of privacy and personal space.

I know I am not a beauty queen with the perfect body but still I love myself and wearing a dress of my size is my choice.

This blog is a part of my women’s day series. Click on the articles below to read the same.


Wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day.

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