Devi : 13 minutes of hard reality.

When I first saw the short film Devi, I felt hurt, sad, shocked, angry, miserable, helpless and at the end speechless. So here is a short gist of the movie, it contains spoilers, but I am sure when you see it yourself, you will understand the depth of the movie.

The story is about 9 women in the room and a few other women who are just in the room. There are three old women, sitting and chit chatting and playing cards, a medical student (studying), a Deaf girl, a girl who is just back from the party, a Corporate head and a Muslim Women, who is waxing and Jyoti, who has just finished pooja.

The Television is playing in the background and the news about the recent rape case is being telecast. Suddenly, the television goes off and there is a load noise, which leads to a defeaning silence and then the door bell rings.

Yes, the rape victim has died and joined these women in heaven. The next few minutes are about the discussion between the women weather to take the new victim inside or not.

The heartbreaking discussion, which is made between the victims, may look simple but we cannot even imagine the pain.

The victims are teenagers to senior citizen ladies,

Their Accused were their family members, acquaintance, some just street side mawali,

Somebody was burnt, strangled, stabbed with a knief, hit hard by a stone or died due to trauma,

Why do we as a society always blame the Rape Victims that instead of dealing with the accused and the predators ?

We conveniently shame the victim. We always blame, their dressing sense, their work schedules, their speech, their age, almost their existence for the rape cases that happen in our city. Once a Rape Case is reported in our city and the whole city goes crazy, we post on social media, online petitions are filed, hashtags are created but are we able to do anything more than that.

No. Because our mainstream media and political leaders still want to support the Rapist as unfortunately for them only Men are the Voters and decision makers in the country. Why else do you think that the predators of the Nirbhaya Rape case are still given an opportunity to explore more legal options.

Why don’t our leaders atleast for once think beyond their vote banks and show some humanity? Some consideration.

The failure to punish these Devils will only further discourage other victims to report their case.

This movie gives one clear message, which I hope our politicians understand. Nobody invited to be the predators to rape them. They were all minding their own business and sadly some women were living their lives and thought that this was just a way of life. We still refuse to acknowledge that something like a Marital Rape can happen in our society.

This is not even the worst part of the movie.

The last victim to enter that house was a 5-7 year old girl, who barely understands what is happening to her. She looks shy and lost. If even after repeatedly saying this thing again and again, our society chooses to victim shame, then I can say , we have all lost humanity.

The law will change only when the society changes it mindset.

This Women’s Day, instead of wishing every women a Happy Women’s day and sending us those cheesy forwards, please stop judging us and vitim shaming us saying It is our fault.


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