Things Indian Women should not obey

With Women’s Day around the corner, we definately have a lot of messages and post singing our praises. It is high time, that today, we listen to our hearts and do things that are needed. So here is a list of things, that Indian Women need to give up right now.

You are an independent entity.

In our Country, women are often identified by their male relatives. We are either Someone’s daughter or Someone’s wife. It is important that we have our own identity. It is tough to make it but not completely impossible. You are not required to have a corporate job but you can still earn from having a small job as per your skill set.

Patriarchy has harmed men and women equally.

Whenever, any case of rape happens in the Country, we end up blaming men. A lot of times today, men have voluntarily refused to take up certain assignments and women as collegues fearing the allegation of Rape. If you think that you are forced to take up the household responsibilities in cooking and cleaning, even they are forced to take up the responsibility of earning bread for their family. Instead of male bashing, respect them and treat them as equal. Remember Men and Women are different, we cannot become men.

Your dress does not define you.

You like that Salwar Suit, just wear it. You want to wear a Saree to office, just wear it. You want to wear Hotshorts, just wear it. Neither of these clothes are going to make you a Behenji or a Slut. Your clothes should be climate appropriate, comfort appropriate and

Motherhood is the only thing that completes a woman.

How many times have we heard this statement. That only Motherhood completes a woman. No this is not true. Dear Women, it is perfectly ok, if you feel that you are not ready for motherhood. The concept that only motherhood completes you is totally is just an over exaggeration. If you are not physically, mentally, emotionally and financially ready. Its ok if you think you need to wait for a couple of years to embrace motherhood. Do not let the society to judge you.

Do not let relationships define you

In India, we women are often identified in the society by our relationships. For example, you are either somebody’s daughter or somebody’s wife. Your own identity who cares !! When a girl gets married even the sabzi wala will address you as bhabhi…but how many sabzi walas have you seen addressing men as jijaji.

Yes girls I know the society is cruel, but that does not stop you from having your own independent identity. Stand on your own feet and make your own identity.

Do not fall into the trap of being cool.

Do not fall into the trap of Pre-marital sex, drugs, alcohol, abusive language or short dresses and plunging necklines, just because you want to be termed as “COOL.” An individual can be cool only if you can listen to your own heart and stand for the same. Do not commit any act under pure peer pressure. It is not always that peer pressure may be correct. Sometimes, what is right for them may not be right for you.

Your Sexual Orientation, your Sexual Partners are your choice and your responsibility.

Its ok, to like anyone, provided the feeling is mutual. You can always have your own choices. Do not force yourself to like someone just because bollywood says so. Do not fall into the trap made by the society and bollywood that all girls need to marry rich good looking guys, who will give them a perfect life. No. Love can be found anywhere at any time but definately not in a filmy way.

It is ok to take care of your health, you won’t be selfish.

If you are tired, just sit down for a couple of minutes, everyone around you can wait. You want to eat your favourite food, just grab a bite because happy mind makes a healthy body and a beautiful human being. It is perfectly ok to rest or to eat your favourite food if you want to without feeling guilty about it. It is absolutely perfect to take care of your body. Your health is your biggest wealth and therefore you won’t be selfish if you take care of your body.

Do not go around satisfying the world’s notion of being perfect.

Every individual is beautiful with their respective flaws. It is absolutely fine to not be perfect as per the society standards. Fall in love with your love handles, appreciate your burnt food, find happiness in the small things that you do. You do not always have to be perfect as per the society. You can always

Stop listening to others and start making your own decision.

Sometimes, it is always better to listen to your heart and impliment the decision. Afterall, we are solely responsible for our decisions, whether big or small. It is important that we stand for ourselves. Stop doing certain things in life, just because somebody asked you to do so.

Do not pull other women down. Support them.

Sadly in India, we women have taken it upon ourselves to be the moral police. Which means that it is our duty to criticise other women and demoralise them in the name of honour, culture and the most favourite reason…Char log kya kahenge. It is high time that we stop thinking about these people.

So this women’s day, stand up for yourself and ignore your so called society.

Wish you all a Happy Women’s Day and have a great one. #EachforEqual

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