An Inspiration who helped me grow

When we talk about inspiration, we often look at people who are achievers or bigger and more successful than us in stature. But since last few months, the person who has been constantly inspiring me is someone tiny.

Yes, my inspiration is my daughter who at present is about 10 months young but has been my inspiration from the time she was a part of me physically. In my paternal family, my daughter is the 2nd girl child after 9 brothers, so you can only imagine the excitement and curiosity to have a girl child.

Workwise, I have never been so happy and content since last one year. I was in two minds, when I had to work during my pregnancy because my health was not that great and my elder son was being more clingy than ever. Somehow, silently, there was a voice from inside my soul that told me that I could do it.

I participated in more blogging challeges, went to more bloggers meet and I literally worked on the day I delivered via C-section.

Throughout my pregnancy, I had one thought in my mind, which kept me motivated. I need to teach importance of education and independence to my children by standing on my own feet first. I had to show them practically that, marriage, family, pregnancy are things that are meant to be balanced along with your career and not something that needs to be blamed.

It was during my second pregnancy that I was most active. We are often inspired by women who have achieved a lot in their lives or have helped us. But I am inspired by this tiny woman, who gave birth to the mother in me for the second time. Being mother to my daughter, has made me only more stronger in the last few months. The desire to create a better world and to teach her to face challenges has only increased.

Yes. She is just a few months old, still people do not refrain themselves, from judging her for her smile, or skin colour or body, or the most common question Who does she resemble ? Trust me as a mother, everytime a person says this, I feel like punching that person’s face literally. We as a society do not fail to judge even a tiny infant, but yet my little darling just ignores them as if their comments barely exist for her.

Earlier, I was and I am still a person, who gets the most effected by “Char log kya kahenge?” but today, after learning from my baby, I don’t give two hoots to what people say.

She may be too tiny to understand, what Women’s Day means, but for me, she has already inspired my entire life.

Hereunder are a few glimpses of our lives.

P.S. It does not mean I do not love my son. I love both my children equally.

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69 thoughts on “An Inspiration who helped me grow

  1. Deepika

    I found your story quite similar to me but the difference is you were working regularly to keep your doubt aside. I can feel your emotions how one feel as parents if somebody judge that tiny soul too. It is a pleasure to read, your daughter gives you strength and more positivity to work and grow. More power to you and your tiny soul. God Bless you!

    Deepika Mishra

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  2. surabhi19

    Heart touching post. Many relations can’t be evaluated in terms of money or gains, because some investments still make us rich and profit. your tiny soul is a bundle of firsts that excite and delight, giggles that come from deep inside and she is your strength of life.much love and god bless you and your tiny angle.

    Surabhi B.Das

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  3. Jyoti Jha

    We are so busy teaching our children all the time that we forget to take a moment and learn from them. Your story is very motivating! Loved your positive outlook and cool compose. Lovely family. God bless and more power to you!


  4. Supriti

    a heartfelt take on the prompt.. ur source of inspiration is indeed amazing and someone who will always continue to inspire u…. ur thoughts are always straight from heart.. its been sometime since i have been reading your blogs and they always leave a smile on my face.. loved the PS part… 🙂


  5. Pr@Gun

    You are right in stating that kids are our inspiration, even I agree I have learnt a lot with my kids, I was just a girl next door but my kids made me a super mom and multitasked woman. They made me find my potential and even helped me choose my paths for the future. And don’t fear to punch the face of those ‘char log’ who have no right to judge our lives. I wish you more fabulous moments with your inspiring daughter.


  6. Ruchi

    That’s true ..children inspire you to reach greater heights. I have only one kid .. but he is the one who pushed me to learn driving, swimming, cycling and together he and my husband are the greatest pushovers for me.


  7. ritecontent

    Kids do inspire us adults to do better snd be better. I love the way you have brought out the infinite ways your daughter has inspired you. I understand totally, as for me too my daughters have been my inspiration and backbone since they were born.


  8. Swarnali Nath

    So cute pics are they all! I love children and the pics brought a big smile on my face. Glad and inspired to know that you bow to your tiny bundle of joy as your life’s inspiration. Really heart touching post. More power to you and lots of love and hugs for ur kids.


  9. Ninu Nair

    This is such a heartfelt post! And, I couldn’t agree more that the perpetual question of whom does the baby resemble solicits the punch on your face response.
    Children are such an inspiration for mothers and your post brings that out so nicely!


  10. urvashinenawati

    Inspiration of life usually comes front he tiniest of things but only to those who are aware. You have opened your heart and soul for life. This is amazing how your little daughter has helped you become confident and raise tour voice against shaming or judging “char log” . You shouldn’t care and feel free just like your daughter


  11. deepsreflections

    Loved reading your post and loved seeing the bond your kids share. Little daughters are the best thing to happen to a mother and they inspire you no doubt, to better yourself for her. Very well written.
    Deepika Sharma


  12. Mayuri6

    Little girls are truly special and I wish people realised that and cherished them as much as you do. I love how you call your baby your inspiration. Heartwarming post, Aishwarya.


  13. Surbhi Rastogi

    Loved reading your journey as a mother and as a mother of two daughters, some of the things are so relatable especially the part when people comment and you wanna punch them in the face ! Hugs for your journey ahead !


  14. Janaki

    Hello Aishwarya. True to what you say, children inspire us in more ways than we could imagine. They are happy at the smallest things, they make sure they get what they want and more….if only we o serve carefully, we can learn from them everyday. Hugs to your children. Lovely post, lovely pics! God bless your family!


  15. shail

    Hehe loved your PS. Your daughter is such a cutie and you are learning from her while she is still such a baby is shows your humble nature. Char log kya kahenge? Kaun hai yeh char log is what I have always thought and do these char log mean anything to me. Why should these char log decide how beautiful your daughter is!! God bless her..


  16. Novemberschild (Romila)

    Girls are special have no doubt about it.
    Children remind us what it’s like to be happy with the very simple basic things in life.
    They have such simplicity and innocence an aptitude which helps to stay happy in the present.
    I am not a parent but I have kids at home and I can relate to how my sisters/brother feel about being a parent and most of them are girl kids.
    Lovely and heartfelt post.


  17. Radhika Acharya

    “Marriage, family, pregnancy are things to be balanced and not blamed!!”
    Wow. I loved that!
    Your little girl has made you such a positive and inspiring woman! Loved the cheerful note running through the whole post. God bless your little family! 😊


  18. Varsh

    I completely understand what you mean, Aishwarya. When I was expecting my daughter (I was somehow sure that I was going to have a girl!) I made certain promises to myself for her sake. We often consider daughters as our extensions but they give a new dimension to our personality. Lovely pictures. God bless!


  19. poorvikhare

    Motherhood makes you stronger and better person. And you just proved that with such a great story of yours. Lots of love to your little girl who is going to so proud of her Mom one day.😊😊


  20. Jyoti Arora

    Daughters are needed the one that make mothers complete. As my daughter is growing I think itshe’s only my new version coming. Its such a beautiful relation . AnD people will say anything. We will make them the best and leave the rest 🙂🙂


  21. Ritu

    Such a heartfelt post, Aishwarya. Enjoyed reading it. Inspiration can come in small packages. Kids do have a way of teaching us some essential life lessons. Ditto on giving two hoots about “log kya kahenge”. Bless your little angels!


  22. Zenobia Merchant

    Lovely one. And yes being a mother to a girl somehow makes us more protective and vocal especially with the situation around. Don’t bother about the world and continue what you are doing. U are a rocking mom and a super woman


  23. Archana

    Celebration of womanhood with such a cute soul is the best blessings and feeling, having second kid by balancing both work and family in a smoothest way was no less than a challenge in my views, and only a strong woman can do this Just like you, forget and ignore what others says , because “kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehana” Why to worry when we know only a strong mother can raise a stronger kids.


  24. Priyanka Nair

    You made a very valid point that we don’t need to draw inspiration from highly successful people but sometimes little creatures like our babies too gives us a unique perspective towards life. Your determination is commendable and yes don’t care about ‘chaar log’ logo ka to kaam hi hai kehna…


  25. Sivaranjini Anandan

    I dont know why human beings are working hard to judge each other. As we all live our own lives I think judging is a hopeless thing kudos to your daughter that she taught you an important lesson that too when she is too young. 😊😊👏🤗


  26. Monika

    Love to you and your sweet daughter . Daughter and mother are inspiration for each other . Hats off to you as you kept working till last day of your pregnancy
    You are a strong woman and good that you no more bother about others .


  27. sundeepananthd

    What an inspiration your kids must be for you and what a successful role model they have in terms of a mother. *Bow down to you*
    Also, trust me log toh bus baat karenge, when you are soaring high or if you are down.
    More power to you 🙂
    — right purchasing


  28. My Words My Wisdom

    Little girls are surely a punch of positive vibes, their laughter fills the house with energy. And Char logoke baare mein sochte rahe to jienge kab. I also have an elder son and younger daughter can relate to your post.


  29. Pashmeena Chowdhary

    Wow!! Such a lovely tribute to the little gems in your life.. Children are after all our greatest inspiration and help us to strive higher..Your post is brimming with love and affection.. My best wishes to you for your future..


  30. Arushi

    Kids are undoubtedly our biggest inspiration and they push us to do things which we otherwise wont bother with. I loved reading this straight from the heart post. I am sure you also will be an inspiration for your daughter when she grows up, hugs to you both


  31. urvashinenawati

    Its good to see that you mentioned you lived both your kids equally. Little ones have a way to remind us the nature, life and relations are usual. I hate bullying, shaming or mocking any one. I like your daughters attitude and wish to have same in my kiddo too. Love n hugs to little baby and the kid brother too


  32. MeeraMayaa

    True, look for inspiration within and from people around us, than someone already in market.
    And how beautifully you found that in your Princess and love the way you connected the confidence and inspiration element


  33. Sangya Nagpal

    So touching….Daughters are so special and our inspiration too.They are our life.God bless your little princess.Lovely write up straight from the heart.


  34. Namratha Varadharajan

    This is one of the reasons I wanted to have a daughter, cause I thought she would make me a better woman! If I had had a girl, I would be up in arms cleansing the world of all its biases and hatred and inequality. I totally understand what you mean when you say she is an inspiration.


  35. Gunjan

    Lovely post dear, a bond with a daughter is really special. It feels as if we are reliving our childhood. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love our son.


  36. Neeraja Ganesh

    Glad you looked inside for inspiration and ignored the outside world! Good luck to your career and God bless both your children!


  37. Meena

    Yes, I can vouch for the fact that daughters are blessings. Lovely pics of your family along with your post that is a tribute to your daughter is very sweet.

    Meena from


  38. Srishti Rajeev

    Our children make us mothers. They bering within us this new caring person. This relationship cannot be defined by words. Your post tries to say more than you write and I can read between the lines. True… Let’s stop being worried about people. Who are these people (char log) by the way???
    Keep writing!!


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