When we talk about inspiration, we often look at people who are achievers or bigger and more successful than us in stature. But since last few months, the person who has been constantly inspiring me is someone tiny.

Yes, my inspiration is my daughter who at present is about 10 months young but has been my inspiration from the time she was a part of me physically. In my paternal family, my daughter is the 2nd girl child after 9 brothers, so you can only imagine the excitement and curiosity to have a girl child.

Workwise, I have never been so happy and content since last one year. I was in two minds, when I had to work during my pregnancy because my health was not that great and my elder son was being more clingy than ever. Somehow, silently, there was a voice from inside my soul that told me that I could do it.

I participated in more blogging challeges, went to more bloggers meet and I literally worked on the day I delivered via C-section.

Throughout my pregnancy, I had one thought in my mind, which kept me motivated. I need to teach importance of education and independence to my children by standing on my own feet first. I had to show them practically that, marriage, family, pregnancy are things that are meant to be balanced along with your career and not something that needs to be blamed.

It was during my second pregnancy that I was most active. We are often inspired by women who have achieved a lot in their lives or have helped us. But I am inspired by this tiny woman, who gave birth to the mother in me for the second time. Being mother to my daughter, has made me only more stronger in the last few months. The desire to create a better world and to teach her to face challenges has only increased.

Yes. She is just a few months old, still people do not refrain themselves, from judging her for her smile, or skin colour or body, or the most common question Who does she resemble ? Trust me as a mother, everytime a person says this, I feel like punching that person’s face literally. We as a society do not fail to judge even a tiny infant, but yet my little darling just ignores them as if their comments barely exist for her.

Earlier, I was and I am still a person, who gets the most effected by “Char log kya kahenge?” but today, after learning from my baby, I don’t give two hoots to what people say.

She may be too tiny to understand, what Women’s Day means, but for me, she has already inspired my entire life.

Hereunder are a few glimpses of our lives.

P.S. It does not mean I do not love my son. I love both my children equally.

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