How food affects your mental health

Mental Health is a taboo topic in our society. We seldom discuss the topic with our peers. Anybody suffering from Mental Health issues choose to hide their issues rather than speaking about it because they are scared to be judged.

One of the things that affects your mental health is Food. Though it may seem a little wierd but food can actually play a real big role in your mental health. Sometimes we do work for our stomach and taste bud.A lot of times, when we women are pregnant or undergoing post partum depression, food can play a major role in our lives.

When I was pregnant with my elder son, I had a lot of food craving. I would even dream about food at night. Its not that I was not fed well or something, my family ensured that they gave me nutritious food but all I craved for was Pizza and Chicken fry at night. On somenights I have woken up crying hysterically because I desperately wanted to eat Pav Bhaji, while on some nights, I googled for Restaurants that would be open at 2.30 am to serve me chicken.

A lot of times, food cravings burn a lot of your emotions especially when you are pregant. It makes you unnecessarily cranky and you start hating the world. I had all the means and resources, yet I was scared to eat my favourite food alone. Trust me I ended up with very bad post partum depression.

During my second pregnancy, I was extremly cautious and ensured that my stomach and mind are full. Whenever, I had a particular craving, I would just walk down and go to my favourite place and eat or bring the food home secretly hidden in my bag and eat it all alone. Yes, I pulled this stunt but at the end of the day it just made me more calm and more strong mentally.

Post my second pregnancy, I barely suffered from Post Partum Depression. Yes, this time my soul food helped me. It did burn a really big hole in my pocket but I was extremly Satisfied and more emotionally stronger.

I know a lot of women would complain, that these are all the nakhras of the priviledged class. Think about the women, who barely get to eat two square meals a day. I may also be compared to Ananya Pandey, who also mentioned about her Struggle because her father was not called on Koffee with Karan. Trust me, every woman goes through the same.

It is just that I chose to speak about the same, instead of being burdened by the society. I dont know how many more women may have knowingly or unknowingly suffered from Post Partum Depression. Being a woman does not mean sacrifice. Women can also have their own choices and the basic one being the choice to eat your favourtie food. Trust me nobody should judge you for the same.

Do let me know what role food plays in your life.

The copyright of this article belongs exclusively to Ms. Aishwarya Sandeep. Any reproduction of the same will amount invite legal action under the Indian Laws subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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