A C-Section Mother is not a Mother

Since today morning, I came across atleast three post, wherein women were ranting about the mommy shaming they had to go because they had a C- Section birth.

How many times, have we women not being shamed for our choices that we make. Admitted that giving birth is a natural process and only women have the priviledge to bring a new life. Where is it written that if she does not undergo 18-20 hours of Labour pains, she does not love her child.

I have had two planned C- Sections because of Medical Issues. Trust me the number of sympathetic looks that I have got post C-SEction is more like I lost something essential from my life. Well and the remaining people, just think that I had it the easy way out because I am lazy. Yes, I am extremly overweight and therefore, it is important for me that I take care of my body because if I fall sick, my children would be most effected and not the society.

Motherhood is something that woman selects on her own wish and not to please the society. So the least thing that should be on her mind is the way she gives birth to her child. I remember going to a Bloggers Meet, where we were discussing on how the society reacted, when we gave birth via C-Section or by Vaginal Delivery. Our Society makes even birthing process, which is ideally the most crucial and the most delicate process of a Woman’s Life, as a running race, wherein the women who opted for Vaginal Birth were Gold Medalist and the others were just loosers.

Trust me, we as a society even today fail at so many levels to appreciate the simple process of child birth. During the child birth the most crucial person that she needs around is her husband and her family. Instead of talking about Post Partum Depression post birth and helping her with her requirements, we bombard her with our inputs and comments on her Breast Feeding and the way of Delivery.

Unfortunately our society thinks that it is their right and responsibility to interfere in your personal life and to pass on their judgments. How many times, have we been told that a woman must always compromise otherwise she is unfit to be a mother.

A Mother is born when her child is born. Nobody is born perfect, we all come down with our own set of flaws and strengths, what is more important is that we help our children with our skill set.

Motherhood is a journey, which every woman is covering, everyday of her life. Giving birth to a child, is just a small begining and she need not be shamed for the same.

I am not a medical expert but one thing I can tell for sure based on my observations. Whether you have given birth to your child via C-Section or Vaginal Delivery, the health issues that you are bound to face, will be because of lack of post partum care. Women face more of health issues because we ignore our health in the initial years of mother hood, especially our mental health.

At every step the society ensures that we feel guilty about the steps that we take instead of supporting us.

A mother is a mother irrespect of the way she gives birth to child. No mean judgment will redefine her relationship with her child.

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  1. Agreed, those who think c- section is easy, well its not .I Had c- section and it was damn painful, after that I even got blood infection which was the worst part.


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