My Husband Does Not Read My Work

A few days ago, there was a tweet that was put up by a fellow blogger. Have a look at that tweet hereunder.

So the basic point of discussion was that if our spouses read our work and did that bring any change in our relationship. I started writing more post the birth of my son.

Me and my husband have been married for almost 7 years now and in these 7 years, I have barely seen him read any books or novels. When I started blogging, I expected that he would read every post of mine but unfortunately something like that never happened. Initially there were fights/ disagreements etc.etc. because I was upset as he never read my post nor shared them on Social Media.Despite aggressively/ lovingly and using every other technique in the world I tried to convince him, I was unsuccessful.

Slowly and steadily with time I realised that probably, he is just not my target audience. I slowly realised the importance of being niche and writing only for myself. Initially, I had this grudge or anger against all the close ones, wherein I expected them to share my work, just because they are supposed to love me.

As a writer, you can only succeed if you love your work above all. Yes, my writings and my work are just a small part of me that just define me.

I don’t expect somebody to fall in love with me just because I write as he or she likes.

This is just a random tweet but time and again, I have often been asked directly or indirectly, what my Husband thinks about my work.

I an confident that nobody asks him, what I think about his work profile or what I feel about his achievements. Then why are we women always answerable on behalf of our spouses. Whether it is interviews or blogs, we are always expected to write or talk about our spouses. Every step we are supposed to acknowledge our partners.

Interstingly, when I spoke to a few men for interview, they straight away refused to give any details about their personal life. Trust me, if I would have refused to do the same, I would have been called names and insensitive.

So coming down to the basic point.

No, my Husband Does not read my work but that does not make me love him any less. I am absolutely fine with our differences and that is what has bound us and kept us together.

Hereunder is a picture for you:-

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